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  1. KateR

    KateR Gold Member

    Hey everyone.

    I am really keen to start running. I have downloaded couch to 10k but I haven't started yet as I'm not not fit enough to run a bath let alone for 30seconds!! I am kickboxing again several times per week but I just am too nervous to start running as I'm so big!

    I have never been a runner but I know so many people who love it and who use it to clear their thoughts.

    I just was wondering if anyone could give me some tips? Has anyone started running at a very high weight? Any help would be great. Thanks :)
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  3. hayleylxo

    hayleylxo Member

    I've just downloaded it aswell and I'm currently waiting on my new exercise clothes being delivered :) can't wait to get started.. i cant run the length of myself lol x
  4. KateR

    KateR Gold Member

    I'm really keen to start but I just dont know how to get going! I want to be a runner so badly! My rubbish ex used to call me crazy legs because of the way i run and its made me so self conscious! Not that i ever was much of a runner!
  5. BerryBerry

    BerryBerry Silver Member

    My only tips would be:

    1. Good trainers
    2. Good sports bra
    3. Keep going

    It is honestly the best. Using Couch to 10k is a great idea because it gives you a routine (3 runs a week?) and also it tracks and shows your improvement clearly. It is tough getting the motivation to get out the door especially when you are tired or the weather is bad, but FORCE yourself to do it and you will see the results so quickly.
  6. AngelWings

    AngelWings Professional Sky Dancer

    Love love LOVE that Couch to 5k app. I miss running so much, but my knees and left ankle (had a serious injury to it when I was 13 that never properly healed) just can't tolerate it. But I'm glad you're trying it out.

    My tip to you is just follow the app! It starts you off REALLY slowly. Mostly walking with intermittent jogging. It's great. And if you can't keep up with it the first few times around, just keep rewinding the same day until you get that one down pat. And don't do it every day when you start out. I think the app says to do it 4x/week or something. Let your body/muscles rest. Or, you could even start by simply walking 2 miles every day and build up to the app if you haven't done any exercise at all in a long time. Oh, and make sure you have a good supportive pair of running shoes, and drink water 15 minutes before you start to run.
  7. Hi Kate,
    I am sure you will love running once you get it into it, it's good you have found a new hobby!
    My personal view is that running when you are carrying extra weight can have a couple of issues. I'm not trying to discourage you so hear me out :)
    Because of the stresses that running places on the body, the risks of injury and unwelcome effects are increased. Every step is three times your body weight running through your foot, ankle, knee and hip. And you do that step after step after step. This causes loads of injuries for people (me included) whether you are carrying extra weight or not, so it's important to first prepare the body for running.
    The other issue with running when you have weight to lose is that it becomes very difficult very quickly. This is from personal experience and that of others! It can be easy to want to give up and think that you can't do it, which is obviously not very motivating for you or going to give you the feel good factor.

    If you wanted any advice I had, it would be to prepare the body for running by carrying on your weight loss through non impact activities. I don't want you to get injured and then not be able to do anything so to lessen this risk getting more weight off by doing things which are less risky would be a great foundation for you. This does two things, firstly, it lessens your bodyweight (for every pound you lose, that's 3 pounds less with each running step) and secondly it will it will help build your fitness so that when you do start to run, you're going to enjoy it more than you would have.

    When you do decide to run, I would aim to run for a 1 minute, walk for 3 minutes and alternate that for a while. Obviously warming up and stretching out afterwards etc. will help reduce injury but you might find easing into it like that is better for you than just trying to go straight into it 100%. There's plenty of time for progression ahead but building the foundation of fitness and reducing your weight will be really help your running in the longer term. I would probably advocate running as a good weight maintainer but if you have several stone to lose, it might be safer to try activities that are less impact such as walking, cycling, swimming, etc.

    Does that help at all? Let me know if not!
  8. KateR

    KateR Gold Member

    Thanks guys! All your advice does really help!

    I'm currently kick boxing about 3 or 4 times per week. I hadnt been for a while so i am building up fitness that way... but keep falling off the diet wagon so i'm not shifting the lbs like i should be!

    My knees were my big worry Neil - i have an old injury from my very competitive days and i had a horse riding accident.

    I've had a listen to the Cto5k first day just to see what its like and it does sound very doable. I just need to keep motivated.

    I think i like the idea of running because its so portable. you don't have to wait for anyone and if you only have 20 minutes then thats fine you can just run for 20 minutes. I might go and get some knee supports and give it a go alongside my kick boxing... but take it VERY gently i don't want to get injured and end up broken with a bad malteaser habit!

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