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Starting today and boy do I need help!!

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Good morning everyone,I dont even know if this will post in the right place but hopefully it will.Just to give everyone a bit of background to my situation.This is I think my fourth time on lipotrim in the last five years.I am so disappointed in myself but to use a feeble excuse,things that happened in my life got in the way of the euphoria I had when I lost the weight and I reverted to the dreaded overeating again to forget about problems.I have not been to a chemist to start back as yet as last year I went on it and made the fatal mistake of having only 1/2 shakes a day so I have about three weeks of shakes that I am going to use before I go to the pharmacy to start on it.At present I am about 14 stone 11 pounds and would love to lose about five stone.Its such a steep hill but I really have to and need to do it this time even besides cosmetics reasons but for health reasons.I want a better life and I just hope and pray I can do it this time for good and not give up after a couple of days or a week.Everyone on here seem to be just so so lovely and I can see a part of me in everyone and that gives me so much comfort.Thank you for taking time to readthis I really appreciate it so so much.x
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Hiyaaa :)
I started again today, I've done LT about 3 times for quick fixes and always reverted back to stuffing myself.
This time I'm on it for good, to get to my goal weight and get my life/confidence back.
I've only been here a couple of days but everyone is SO nice and I'm sure you'll fit in just fine!


Mim x
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Hiya Wannbskinny! well done for deciding to come back on LT, I'm in the same situation as you, I just weigh a lot more!!! I've done LT before in the past, lost a couple of stones, but didn't really take it seriously and I allowed the weight and more to creep back on. Good luck with the 1st few days and your 1st week, everyone on here is so helpful and friendly, you'll get loads of support! I just wish I found this forum when I did LT the 1st time!!


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Good luck with LT this time and im sure once you reach your goal you now know all the mistakes you made last time so you know what not to do x


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hi wannabskinnyive only been on LT 2 weeks and just found this site by accident the first few days in and boy was i happy i did everyone is so helpful and so nice . i cant wait to get home from work 2 get on and see how everyone day is going i know u will keep at it this time with the help of this life line to help u x gina

Thornhill Cate

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Welcome and good luck with it. I look forward to hearing about your progress.
Welcome.... Good luck.... Be strong you can do it.... This site is great it keeps me motivated ... You will make some great new friends who will support you through the good and the bad ... I'll be your first one :) x
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Good morning everyone,Im finding this forum kinda difficult to understand but Im reconning that everytime I just log into my account that I just click on "User CP" and work from there then!Feel very down this morning,I had two of my shakes yesterday,they were from the stash I have left since last year when I attempted to do LP,thought that I would be ok and wanted to have my third shake last night but then of course I just got a pang of self loathe and went straight for the press and made myself toast,it was my boyfriends birthday yesterday too so last night I just gave up altogether and had a few glasses of wine and everything else that comes with it.The first time i did lipotrim I had such drive and it payed off as I lost four stone and weighed just over nine stone,I was so happy and extremely proud and confident of myself and actually had a life,but now its awful,I work from home and honestly its a struggle for me to leave the house,I am ashamed and embarrassed about the way I look and I desperately want to change and actually have a life,the weather is beautiful here at the moment and all I keep thinking is I wish it were cold and raining because then I could go out covered up.I know that speaks volumes about my mental state of mind but I just hope I can get my act together and change now.I genuinely thought that I could do the shakes on my own for a few weeks and then go to the pharmacy,if nothing else it would spare money,I dont know if I have the will power to do it on my own though without the regimen of the pharmacy.I gave up smoking a month ago also with thew help of Allen Carr and although I am so so happy,its weird now because they were my crutch before when I was on LP.Now I am on my own but I expect thats where water comes into play.So sorry again for the long frank rant just hope I can sort myself out,now I dont know whether I should try and do it myself for a couple of weeks or should I just spend more money eventhough I have a few weeks shakes and go to the pharmacy.Sorry everyone I dont mean to be negative.Thank you so much for listening to me!x:sigh:
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Oh you poor love, chin up!
If it were me, I'd just go the whole hog and go with the pharmacy. Put the shakes you already have in a bag and stick them at the back of the cupboard until maybe you can't get to the pharmacy one week - that way you can still carry on.

It IS hard, no matter what anyone says and we'll ALL be tempted to scoff at some point - believe me, I nearly launched an assault on a bag of Wotsits first thing this morning!

At the end of the day, it's YOUR choice, you know yourself if you can go through with it and only you know how you'll feel if you do or don't.

Everyone on the forum is in the same boat and completely here for you if you need help and encouragement.

Make the right choice for you!

Mim x


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Hi wannabeskinny, go for it. I could almost have written your post, except I havent stopped smoking yet. I started again Monday and it's been a struggle but today I feel a lot more positive. It's just taking that first step.
Go to the pharmacy if you have a good supportive one and as mimosa says keep the shakes for the week you cant get there, although dont leave them too long, I did and when I was ready to start again found they were 6 months out of date!
Good luck!
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Awh thank you so so much everyone,just had a little cry to myself there because sometimes it feels like I am the only one in the world who feels the way I do but I know that everyone has there own problems.My partner always says I am the only one who can make the change and its the truth and logical but sometimes the logical thing to do is the hardest thing to actually accept and act upon.I think you are all right in what you are saying,Im even nervous about going to the pharmacy,it sounds so stupid but wanted to lose weight before I even went as Im embarrassed.God this is like therepy,Ill have to stop!!I think everyone on here are brilliant and its not easy I know but the end result is so worth it.Please god I will just get my backside into gear and find a pharmacy near where I live now and just take the plunge.All I want is better health and to get any sort of life back and I have to remember that this time please god if and when I lose all the weight,I have to get rid of all these elasticated and big clothes and change my lifestyle forever.Thank you so much for every bit of support.xx

Jessie 888

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Hiya Wannab! Aww, I feel sorry for you, babe. I quite understand about needing to save money but going to the pharmacy makes things more formal, like someone's monitoring you so you're more likely to stick to it?
Do you think you're being a bit too hard on yourself at the moment? If you only gave up smoking a month ago, are you expecting too much of yourself giving up food now? Only you know if your head is ready. Would it help to start in a month or two? Does the thought of postponing it make you feel relieved and the pressure off, or do you think no, I really want to start now?
You sound pretty miserable the way things are so good luck, hun, whatever you decide. x
Go to the pharmacy for the support and stuff... Once you get home just swap your shakes over...:) . Use the old ones first.. I agree with the others there will be a week where you can't get there or just can't afford them so you can use them then... If your pharmacy is understanding they should see you and get you started anyway, just tell them you already have some that way you will get the support and also you won't have the initial outlay... Good luck x
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Morning everyone,thank you so so much,Im going to pharmacy tomorrow to get dvd!I could actually do trhe voice over for that dvd now Ive seen it so many times but the pharmacy insists you take it out no matter how many times you have done it!!God feeling so much more positive now and I know its only going to be a few months which hopefully will result in a life change.Looking forward to a life I used to have so hopefully that will spur me on too.I honestly cannot thank everyone enough for all the support,its unbelievable.Please god when Im on that band wagon I can offer informed advice and support to anyone else who needs it too.I know its a case of keeping your head up and being positive about the whole adventure for the main part and if I can get that right then hopefully everything will slip into place.XXX:)

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