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Starting tomorrow 06/07/2010.....

Oh yes indeed i am :)

Its my restart as i had to stop it last time as could not afford it any more !

But i got everything i need and ready to go tomorrow,


Welcome and good luck to both of you x
want some company on this longggg journey???

im due to start today ie 6th july..i have abt 6 stones to lose..just wondered if you want some company..i know i cud do with starting with some1 in same boat!:rolleyes:


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im due to start today ie 6th july..i have abt 6 stones to lose..just wondered if you want some company..i know i cud do with starting with some1 in same boat!:rolleyes:
Consider yourself buddied up with company! I'm currently drinking my first shake - :jelous: doesn't taste good! Keep looking at the pic of my size 14 goal jeans for motivation to take another sip!!!


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Good luck all! I started yesterday. I've found drinking the shakes through a straw makes it easier to drink the flavours i don't like.

There are a few of us on the fat friends thread starting CD this week so pop over if you like :)
Hi Everyone

I started yesterday so i will join you all as well - Im aiming to lose at least 4stone.

So keep us all posted with any results and WE can do this x x x
Hi all,
I'm starting tomorrow ... meeting my consultant this evening for the 1st time!
I have 4st to lose ..... looking forward to getting to know you all and supporting eachother. :eek:

Trim T

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I'm restarting today, have 1st 10lbs to lose, and i would love to join you.

I've also joined the july challenge. We can do this!!!



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Currently sat in my office where someone is eating fast food our work canteen, it smells delicious but you know what? I'd rather be slim and happy than give in and have what they're having. Let's do this!!!!
hi all
id love to join u as ive been trying to get on track since 1 week but always messing up
today is the day i start fresh ive had half litre so far and 1 shake.

ive got 4 stones to lose:(:(:(
You go for it Nally


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Gosh it's swings and roundabouts isn't it. I feel absolutely rotten, have a banging headache and just want to be in bed! *grump grump grump*, all I can think about is getting some food on the way home!


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Noo keep going hun it does get better (or so i'm told). make sure you're drinking enough water as well
Hi to you both.

It does get better try to make sure you drink plenty but you are bound to think about food, (its my third time) unfortuantely its a given because everyone around you will be involved in it, and by day 3 of my start week last week i was really really narky, but by day 5 i was sweet. Sometimes it helps if you can to have a bath and relax when you get home. Go to bed earlier if you can because that is one day over with.

It is worth it.

Do you have an outfit or anything you are looking forward to, something you can visualise? I am going to Portugal in October and last time i went i was about this weight and felt crapper for the whole 2 weeks than i did for any one day on this diet.

You might feel worse if you go all day and be really good then get home and eat.

Keep going, you can do it
im actually abit surprised cos i know ur supposed to get mad headaches etc so i made hubby take day off work to help with my toddler..but sods law no headache..probably will hit tomorrow wen he goes back:cry:anyhow am feeling ok apart from the water..even sweetened its sooooooo hard..will keep you posted..if im still human tomorrow and not zombied!!:rolleyes: good luck and roll on tomorrow xx
Hi dibzzy how are you sweetening your water - is it your first time on CD


Like to giggle
Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop by and say good luck and wishing you all the best!! :D

I'm on my third week now and didnt even think I could get through day 1 - it's gone so quick. If i can do it, you certainly can :)

Good luck :)
Jess xx

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