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Starting tomorrow 11.08.09

Good luck! You know what yopu're in for, it's not the easiest but any pain at the start quickly subsides and is entirely worth it. You've made this commitment to yourself so SEE IT THROUGH!

This forum is amazing so dont hesitate to come on here if you're struggling at all. The weight will be falling off ya in no time! :D
p.s. Check out the stickies for tips if you find the shakes a bit yik at the start -they're ok but some do struggle...

Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your LT journey! The first week is the hardest, but it will get easier & if you bear that in mind you should be alright!

Looking forward to hearing how you do!!



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Whooo hoo! Welcome!!! Roll on next Tues!!! You will LOVE this diet. First week is the hardest but VERY doable!

Keep drinking the water.
just to add...your taste buds don't be long in adapting so even if you do find it a bit rough don't give in!! I hated the strawberry at the start -now I love it! Hated the chocolate one hot -now I lok forward to it! ANd the vanilla -well - have a couple of sweeteners handy and/or a spoonful of coffee! :D



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Welcome aboard Emma :)

You can be in the Tuesday Weigh In club with me :D


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Well I am an odd ball anyway! But I was loved the choc shake and still do! I have 21 choc shakes a week! I have never tried the soup or flapjacks.


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Support, moan, laugh, cry, whatever....it is all good on here.
Good luck you have made the hardest step by wanting to change hope week 1 gives you a great boost to keep going

Debz x
ah welcome Emma! best of luck - week 1 is hardest until you get into ketosis and stop thinking about eating and then it's plain sailing!!

you'll be great and we'll look forward to your successes!! :)

how are you getting on so far? Sxx
Hello, welcome!

I'm really excited for you starting on your new LT journey :)

All the best and you'll find loads of great support here!


Otherwise known as Jools
Welcome Emma, It will be a breeze :D. Just drink plenty of water and you will be fine.

With regards to the shakes and the flapjacks I pretty much like them all :D :D - and yes I am one of the very few on here that does.

Like others have said the first week is hard but keep determined and focused and you will soon be having fantastic losses.
Welcome & Good Luck Xxxxx


Otherwise known as Jools
Try putting ice cubes in them, and some sweetener. Do you have a hand held blender? That mixes them up nicely.


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Hi Emmabella

Welcome !!!

Yes, it does get easier..how are you making up your shakes? You can use more water if you want...I used to use around 250ml but then went to 400ml as I preferred it a bit weaker.

I crush lots of ice, put in the shake, and then fill up with more water.....

Once you get your head around them, they are actually ok.....I am refeeding and actually miss them..I look forward to my shake for breakfast!!!!! So, it is do-able and they really arent as bad as you think.

Welcome Emmabella and good luck.

The first week is the hardest but it does get easier once you go into ketosis. The shakes can taste different at the start because all you taste is the vitamins and minerals. As Scotsmist said try making them with differing amounts of water until you find an amount that suits you. I tend to use between 400 and 450ml in mine. Keep supping the water throughout the day and pop on here whenever you feel you need support/entertainment/reassurance/advice coz there is always someone here to help you.

Good luck.


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