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Starting tomorrow,and feeling .........!

I am starting the CD 2moro. I have tried a multitude of diets like most people in the past but always end up letting myself down. I used to think i had no will power but i gave up smoking nearly 2 years ago so i must have some! I'm 5ft4inches and weigh in at 13st 7lbs. I would love to get down to around 10st. I just need some help and encouregement along the way to do it. I am starting on SS as i believe just going cold turkey is the best way to achieve something (it worked with the smokes).
Wish me luck Please;)
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Welcome Sassy to Mini's and good luck with your weight loss journey. Stick with it 100% and you will be at goal in no time.

Remember too you must drinks lots of water.

Keep us posted


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Good luck Sassy49!!!

Love Mini xxx
Good luck Sassy, you'll find plenty of support here on Minis! Let us know how you are getting on and as Maggie says keep glugging the water!




Just about on the wagon!
Hi Sassy, welcome back!! I'm doing the same myself actually - tried (and did well) to restart a few weeks back but then changed jobs, and well it all fell apart :cry:Bah!

Still, I don't give up that easily - so I'm back! I'm 5'3 and started out on Sunday at a heart stopping 13.10!! Yikes!! :eek: So I know exactly where you're coming from. It's cr*p isn't it! I would ultimately love to lose 4 stone, but I've changed my goals into smaller pieces, the first being to get a BMI under 30. I'm on day 3, and I'm kind of doing 790 as I'm in a new job in a room full of men where I can't nip to the loo every 5 mins, and where I have a small piece of protein for lunch so we can all eat together, and then it's CD at home. Also, I'm on hols next week which is prob a stupid time for me to restart now, but there's always something to put me off, so I've just got on with it.

Good luck - we know this works, we just need to work too! :character00238:

Good luck, and check in often

Hi Loopy Lou,

I know i should be happy at the fact that i have lost 10 lbs this wk but i've had a cheat today and feel i've really let myself down big time! I'm scared now incase i've knocked myself out of ketosis! I'm doing ss and know that being in ketosis means i loose. I am not hugry, i just have these god almighty random cravings for things i would'nt normaly look twice at. Today it was pink panther wafer biscuits, and yes i did have 1 or 4. I find it so hard at work coz its full of teenagers stuffing their faces with BAD FOOD!!!! I'm looking forward to the wknd coz it's so much easier not to be distracted by BAD FOOD!!!!
I hope you survive your hols, are you going away or home bound? If you are away then ireally do wish you luck!


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