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Starting Tomorrow


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Hi All:wavey:

Just got the delivery of the packs today and will be starting the diet tomorrow morning. Never used anything like this before so fingers cross:fingerscrossed: it works.

Been going through the threads and you are all a great inspiration to a newbie like me. Well done all.
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Hello, good evening and welcome. :)
Hello! and welcome.

It's definitely worth a go. I'm not going to lie and say it's all wonderful and easy and super, because anything that's worth doing isn't easy. The first week can be quite tough as your body gets used to it, as it will give you a lot of protest at not being fed. You may be headachey, hungry and willing to mug people in Tescos, but it all passes by day 5-6 and it gets easier.

However if you stick it out, you *will* see results. It just takes a bit of work to get those results.

If you have any gripes, grumbles or questions, do come here and post. If you're struggling, it's even more important that you have a natter, rather than suffer in silence and wonder 'is it just me?'. Because in all likelihood, it isn't.

the food packs are OK for what they are. You wouldn't rush out and choose to eat this stuff, but most of it is palatable. You also get used to it over time. I'm now on week 4, and I honestly never expected to get this far.

Good luck, drink plenty of water, and let us know how you're getting on :)


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Good luck, it does work, but you have to work with it. Drink water regularly and keep busy at least for the first few days while your body adapts. (and what Miss D said too)
Bren xx


taking it 1 day at a time
Hi Deedee, welcome and good luck.


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Thank you for the nice welcome. I already know I will need a natter from time to time as its going to be tuff. Will let you know how I get on.

:eatdrink051:I think i better put a lock on the fridge.
Yes it is
but none of us are paragons of virtue

I especially am a failed slimming world & weight watcher

It can be done

be kind to yourself the first couple of weeks & you'll be fine

Oh and for example
by the 4th week, food doesn't bother you-in fact I had just rearranged the fridge as I thought it untidy

although reading a cookery book is still hard work after a few pages
I have lost all interest in food.
Although - I occasionally fantasise about chicken pieces and I really fancied a prawn stir fry the other day.
Sounds ok until you know I have been a vegetarian for about 20 years now!!
really fancied a prawn stir fry the other day.
Sounds ok until you know I have been a vegetarian for about 20 years now!!
Did you read Yam's Prawn Stir Fry recipe too??? :) I think that would be enough to turn a veggie. Nom nom.
Actually, although I am finding the number of food adverts on tv progressively more irritating (I am NOT lovin' it, thanks all the same :mad:) I would have to admit if pushed that my current secret vice is watching cookery programmes! :eek:

Masterchef and Come Dine With Me are the current faves but I sometimes sneak a bit of Jamie, Rick Stein, Fat Ladies or the Hairy Bikers on the food channel when the OH isn't looking........:D


Otherwise known as Jools
Welcome aboard and good luck though I am sure that you will do really well :)
I know what you mean about the food advertising!
It is really starting to get to me.
Especially as I sit drinking my cup of soup when I watch my partner eats a full meal and then cake or chocolate.
Makes me quite cross!
let's make our millions by devising a telly that blanks out food adverts( and that direct line one too)
shows an inspirational photo or two of your weight loss
or pictures of sean bean
or hairy bikers
ewan mcgregor

Although - I occasionally fantasise about chicken pieces and I really fancied a prawn stir fry the other day.
Sounds ok until you know I have been a vegetarian for about 20 years now!!

Veggie for over 10 years, and right now it's chickeny things (esp junk food adverts, and the like) that somehow get to me too! christ knows what that's about. :confused:

Tell you wot, if KFC managed to put that coating on a lump of TVP, I'll never eat anything else again. it's probably a good thing they don't....

However having never liked seafood, I'm spared the prawn hankerings.

But yeah, the adverts are a bit of a killer. Only goes to show how much the marketing people design the ads to jangle the appetite centres in normal people, never mind us.

But over my first weekend, I couldn't even manage 'the food programme' on radio 4.



it is all coming back to me....i remember when i did vlcd a couple of years ago. Every where i looked i was haunted by food...lol...the tv especially. The other annoying thing was that my sense of smell became really heightened......i could smell a bakery from miles away.....literally.....how creepy is that.

This does however become almost insignificant when the lovely comments from people start coming in.....ie...wow look at you....you look great.....lol.
There is nothing quite like the sense of achievement you get from getting thinner so quickly.

Shaz x
I have actually taken more of an interest in cooking since I started Exante. Really not sure why - some kind of masochistic pleasure??
We get 'The Bookman' at the office, and I bought 2 new recipe books last week. I think it was the pictures...


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I am another that has become obsessed with cooking, cook books, cookery programmes and spending hours putting nutritional data into my tap and track iphone app! This week I came to the conclusion that I have turned getting and then staying slim into a real trainspotter of a hobby lol!

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