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  1. Calabria

    Calabria Full Member

    Starting Exante for the first time tomorrow! Am excited and nervous all at once. Got to lose some weight before my annual company medical in February and then want to look as good as I can for a couple of weddings this year!

    Starting weight: 22st 3.
    Starting BMI: 39.9

    Wish me luck! *bites nails*
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  3. newmetobe

    newmetobe Member

    Hey just wishing you luck I've got a similar journey ahead so i know how daunting it is. I've just got through day 1 an if I can anyone can believe me
  4. ExanteSlim

    ExanteSlim Full Member

    Very best of luck :)
  5. Chobe

    Chobe Member

    Hi there,

    I'm in a very similar situation, although I've done the diet before. Good luck for your journey and keep us updated as to how you get on!

  6. Calabria

    Calabria Full Member

    Halfway through day one and I've got a bit of a headache but other than that it's okay. The taste of the shakes might take some getting used to though...

    Thanks for the encouragement! :)
  7. newmetobe

    newmetobe Member

    The shakes definately start to taste better the more you have
  8. Sparkley

    Sparkley Silver Member

    Hi Calabria, good luck with your journey. I started at a similar weight to you - I was 23st 10lb and have lost just over 6 stones in 25 weeks on Exante. I still have 4 stones to lose but that feels much more manageable than the 10 stones I started with. Exante is great, lots of variety and a good steady weight loss. I feel so much better for shifting those 6 stones and the time has flown by. I'll be checking to see how you are getting on. X
  9. Good luck :)

    I'm also just starting out :D

    Heres to a slimmer 2014 :D

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