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Starting tomorrow...


is loving the soup?!
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good luck hun the only advice i have is keep logging on here for help support or advice x


is loving the soup?!
Thanks! I've had binge eating disorder, so it's probably the problem, but I'm not getting any more therapy or help on the NHS and I'm desperate
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Hi rachelh log in as much as possible if you want to PM me feel free to do so i wont say i have had a binge eating problem but do have a problem with comfort eating so i find the all or nothing diet works for me dont get me wrong it is tough in the first week or so but there is some great support her i suggest you use it to your benefit and drink at least 2ktrs water a day Im here if you need me just shout



is loving the soup?!
Thanks so much! You are doing amazingly well : )
I am determined to do it this time. The trouble is, once I am on any plan I start seeing negative aspects. I just need to pick one and stick to it, and I think just being away from food for a while will give me some relief. However, it is just the first few days I am worried about, to get into ketosis. Once I am there I'm not too worried.
stick to the forum hun,make sure you drink at least two litres of water a day, have all three shakes,if you feel hungry make urself a black tea or coffee /peppermint tea/green tea, u can add tablet sweeteners and have a soak in the bath if you can,try and have a few early nights,if you're tired it is harder to cope and sleeping passes time and burns more fat hehehe keep paracetamol handy 'not sugar coated' in case of headaches, maybe get a book out in the evenings or just pop on here and chat to these guys, we are all in similar situations to you,been through or going through the same thing and we are here to talk to you and offer advice if you need it or just a good laugh

good luck hun,remember the first few days are the hardest,after a week it is alot easier,two weeks you should feel on top of the world

anytime u feel hungry think of that as your body burning fat, wait til the first weigh in and you will feel so proud. i am on msn if you want somebody to talk to although i have finished lipotrim total food replacement now, 4 weeks ago and am trying to maintain my 8 and a half stone loss i am still here to help you through it and these guys are wonderful to help you get through the day when things feel like they are getting tough. keep strong hun and you will get there



Getting there!!!
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Thanks! I've had binge eating disorder, so it's probably the problem, but I'm not getting any more therapy or help on the NHS and I'm desperate
HI RACHELH...im exactly the same although i have never spoke about it to anyone or gotten help anywhere. i am still trying to overcome it all at the moment but i have to say this program is really helpful. its like a breath of fresh air to be away from food. :eek: if i cheat,i really cheat its like i can eat for hours and still not get full or satisfied:eek:...then i wonder why the hell i did it in the first place??? :cry:heres my email address if you would like to talk:D...i think me and you could be the answers to both our problems!!!!:p
[email protected]


Peace Love Happiness
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Good Luck Rachel, I have an eating disorder too and find this programme really helpful, as another poster said it's great to be away from food!

Tips - first week can be tough, but it really does get better, the hunger and once ketosis kicks in my energy levels went up. One thing I did notice, coming from an eating disorder background is, I felt my feelings more than ever, I'm lucky I'm not working at the moment and my time is pretty much my own, but just to warn you. I know I bury my feelings with food, so take that away and I'm feeling pretty raw.

Good Luck and Welcome ! xxxx
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Binge eating is a problem for me too, along with comfort eating lol. I'm fooked! I think thats why Lt is so good -it breaks reliance on food. The NHS hasn't fully caught on to the eating disorders that involve actual eating I don't feel. I practically live on minimns when I'm struggling -so I'm here most days ;)

GOOD LUCK! Have faith in yourself! :D

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