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Starting Tony Ferguson on Monday 28th June


Trying Hard!
Hi everyone
I have started the NHS process for going down the weight loss surgery route which will take about a year, but in the meantime I want to show my commitment to weight loss and reduce my operation risks by loosing some more weight.

I was a binge eater (diagnosed finally this year) between the ages of 3 and 32. I have major thyroid problems. and despite that I lost 6 stone, 3 years ago and have kept 4.5 stone off :) since then. I now hope to loose another 3 stone over the coming months; however long it takes.

I have opted for the Tony Ferguson because it's well managed by professionals, it balances meal replacements (which I'll need to do for a while anyway around surgery) and also has meals. In the end it's hard to know what will work, but this feels right for now and so this is what I'll do.

nice to meet anyone else who is doing this, looking forward to the journey together
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Trying Hard!
day 2 of the sugar reduction period, I have learned that this stops the cravings when I start the diet formally. I am also upping my fluid intake, especially in this heat. I'm doing OK and looking forward to Monday, I am going to read through all the advice and stuff this afternoon.


Trying Hard!
well it's lunch on day 1 and I'm not hungry, not even slightly hungry which is a miracle in itself.

I had the berry shake with fibre for breakfast and it was awful but I got it down. and then I've had 10 strawberries for morning snack (saving the other 10 for this evening when I always get hungry). now time for a salmon salad.

oh and I'm going to take measurements, I always prefer to monitor those more than the scales


Trying Hard!
it's nearly the end of day 2 and so far so good. the banana shake was better, the tomato soup just about bearable. I've drunk 4litres today so far and I'm hoping this helps with my first weeks results.


Trying Hard!
Day 3 - headache much better this morning. Retried strawberry shake this morning and it was better - have to get used to the flavour! Also stewed some rhubarb and had some of that - I love it so it's great that it's unlimited!

Had a sneaky step on scales and feeling pleased, but no announcements till official next Monday


Trying Hard!
day 4 already, how did that happen?
tried chocolate shake for the first time today and it's OK so that's good.
made shepherds pie with notatoes last night and both hubby and I really enjoyed it, now that's something new for a diet

have measured today and I've lost 1" off my waist and 2" off bust and 2" off hips, I'm thrilled just from that. and the scales are also showing continued good news but I'm leaving off that till the official on Monday


Gold Member
Wow you are doing really well. You sound very motivated. It will be interesting to see how the results go. What if you do so well you don't even need surgery?


Trying Hard!
well here it is, the week1 weigh in results.

I've lost 11lbs!!!!! 11lbs!!!! I can't believe it.
and that includes a weekend away where we ate out 3 times, although I've stuck to no carbs at all.

I'm thrilled and now extra super motivated.
im starting tony ferguson diet today, im really inspired by you and hope i can do aswell. please keep me posted on how your doin and i'll do the same. goodluck x x x


Trying Hard!
Hi Sharon
Good luck with your first week.
I just got a call from a consultant and she was wonderful, she was positive and encouraging and answered some questions I had. brilliant. so she's going to ring me every week to support.

I've managed finally to make something pallatable with the wildberry shake, I've made them into mini muffins with the help of just simple fibre, egg white, sweetner and a pinch of baking soda and water. easy and yummy.


Trying Hard!
I've done my weekly wednesday measuring today and here are the results:

waist: lost 2" bust: lost 3" hips: lost 4"
amazing, in just 10 days, that's a dress size right?
This rainy weather is putting me in a bit of a funk today, not wanting to eat lovely salads when it's like this, but mediterranean veg for lunch with smoked salmon helps a lot :)


Trying Hard!
Week 2 weigh in and it's fab news

another 5lbs lost
16lbs lost in 2 weeks

TF rocks!!!


Trying Hard!
week 3 weigh in and despite having to eat out/with others 3 times this week I have lost another 5lbs bringing me to a total of 21lbs lost in 3 weeks. I am thrilled and determined.


Silver Member
Well done! I also had really good loses with TF until I fell off the wagon, back on it now though!

If you keep up like this you might not even need surgery!


plodding away
Just wondering how you were doing. Am thinking about starting this plan myself. I tired celebrity slim for a short while 18 months ago and really likes the shakes & soups. How are you finding the TF ones?
Hey Vanda...

I'm off to buy the TF stuff tomorrow after work, I've had a hunt about on the internet and it looks pretty good.

Wow your really doing amazing. Im hopefully going to start too you are definately inspiring us all
Well done, your doing really well. Bet you've lost quite few more lbs since too. Go you xx

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