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Extra Easy Starting weight first meeting!

anything is a possibilty when your put in the effort honny. I lost 3.5lbs on my first week, and first week losses are always 98% great.

youl be fine! lots of love xx
I am in no doubt that you will be able to achieve that in the first week. I managed 5lb off in mine! other woman in my group lost 7lb in her first week, something to bare in mind is we are both heavier than you. As long as you stick to the plan, thinking about your syns and if you are doing extra easy remember to have your 1/3 superfree with everymeal, if not with it atleast after with fruit or veg and just snack on free and superfree... espcially speed foods which will help to drop the weight!... Good luck for the week! xxxx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Of course you can do it Hun!!!

Welcome and good luck!!
yep very possible indeed! I lost 5lb in my first week and my friend lost 6.5lbs! The kind of motivation you have in your first few weeks is amazing...wish I could get it back! Utilize it while you can! x


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Welcome!! i lost 5lb in my first week so i have total faith you can do it! good luck


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thanks guys doing great so far and feeling good too gotten alot of walking in today and felt great after im sure that;ll all help xxx and 20mins on Wii Fit Plus too xxxx
look out for me posting on the tuesday weigh in pages xxxx


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really happy i lost .............drumroll.........................

yeah me im happy with that now onto the next week would just love it if i could pull 2lbs get my 1/2 st award woop woop .

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Well done hun, that's great going! xx


loves to chat & post
me too


I joined slimming world last night too, i weight 11.9 put on two stone in last year as now doing a sitting down job! let's hope we can both lose 3.5 lb this week.

Good luck

Carla xx;)

hey all well back from my first meeting and all went great feel very welcomed and informed
my official start weight is

14st 3.5lbs
so ok onward and downward heres to a great first week and hoping im lucky enough to break the 14st marker!!!
who reckons thats a possibility??


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you can do it carla i managed 5lbs my first weigh in woo woo
hoping for 2lbthis week and that first shiny sticker!! he he silly but something to work towards helps me focus my energy.
good luck to you you will do it i know you will
i have a thyroid condition and have not managed to lose more than 2lb in one week for at least the last year and over the last 6 years and 4 babies ive gained a whopping 4 stone which im going to beat and ive found my secret answer and its Slimming World!!!!
hi im new on here,can u tell me how u do extea easy plz,ive been doin red and green days for 8 weeks and have lost 1st.now i fancy having a go at the exta easy plan for a change ,thanx
well done losingme, said you could do it!
5lb is very good (only got 0.5 in my first week)
Im sure that you could lose 2lb for next week
Good luck x x
@ losingme= i too have a thyroid problem and ive lost 1 stone 3lbs im loving slimming world!!!
@rutiebabes= do you have your booklet that you should have got at your group when you started? and to answer your question earlier about bread, you can have it as you 'B' Option or count it as a syn, personally iv just given it up altogeter (i was a breadaholic) the portion size they allow you for bread is too small for me id rather have a bowl of bran flakes as my B option, far more filling!

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