Starting with BMI 40+


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Hi all,

Am looking at starting Lipotrim in the New Year, and was wondering if the chemist can still supply it if you have a BMI over 40 (I'm 41). I have no other health problems.

I know from notices in my GP's surgery that they aren't very supportive about VLCDs, so was hoping I could deal directly with the chemist.

Thanks for your help!
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My BMI was over 50 when I started and my chemist had no problem letting me start LT so as long as you are "healthy" in every other way then you should be ok.

There are a few doctors who do not approve - where I work (in a hospital) I have one Dr that does not want to know anything about the diet and another who is over the moon and proud of my achievements so far.

Good luck with your journey I am sure that you will do really well. :D


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Hi John,
Take a look on the lipotrim website at which chemists do the program in your area and if you get a funny one just shop around.
I think if you look at members profiles many of us started with bmi's over 40 so shouldn't be a problem though. Good luck.


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Hi John
My BMI was 39.something when I started and it has changed my life completely. It is the best thing I have ever done. All the best with it - there will be a week of feeling pretty grotty, then a couple of weeks of feeling "odd" but you will have fantastic weight losses which will keep you going. After 3-4 weeks I felt absolutely great and still do.

Good luck - and sticka round here - it's great to have a few blokes around.

Happy New Year


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mine was 47 mate when i started ,find a pharmacy that does it near you and just do it its the best thing i have ever done good luck with it and you will never regret it if you do it .


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Hi John

i'd agree with everyone else, i was advised by my Pharmacist to just let my Docs know that i was starting LT, i did and they had no problem with it, but again i have no other health issues and i'd literally just had my 30 something man test results back giving me the all clear for all sorts of stuff....this is what actually helped spur me on to give this a good go!!!

All the best

Jay ;)