Starting WW after life on LL tomorrow, any tips?


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I am starting WW tomorrow after dedicating too much of my time and life to LL and finally accepting that I have to get over my bad relationship with food and develop a healthy can't be any harder than starving myself on LL, at least the mental pain should be less...hopefully.

I have found a WW class which starts tomorrow, but don't know which time class I'll make yet.

Any tips as I've never done WW before?

I don't have to worry about glycogen stores as I gained 14 pounds over Christmas where I came off LL and was only on it for one full day yesterday and part of today until I realised enough!

I'm definitely going to need help with menus as I have my old and trusted, which is why I continue to gain weight when I stop LL, so I'll be hoping for some recipies to get me through...lunches are particularly hard for me for some reason.

My goal is to get to 13.2 before Easter, shouldn't be completely impossible as I'm around 14.12 (weigh in proper tomorrow after eating this evening!).

Any tips really would be appreciated. Thanks! Joe
Hi Artyjoe!

Remember your posts from DH..great to see you here too! I too gained a stone over christmas (that was the easy bit!!) and Im back on the wagon (ish-tuna and milk in tea seem to be coming along for the ride!!!:rolleyes: )

Youre right sometimes you know yourself when enough is enough(as a serial restarted ive been hanging on only to fall off...) and i think joining WW is a really healthy choice...youre thinking about healthy eating...whenever ive come off of SS ive gone into carb fest mode again..its the maintenance i cant seem to wondering really if i could join ww when i get to goal rather than LL management for 12 weeks..may even lose a few more lbs too...its very confusing..once you look into the options!!:confused: :confused:

Im sure you will find lots of recipes for WW on their site, on here, have a look on ..Im obsessed with searching for new titles...what is good is that SS encourages us to be more 'conscious' about what we eat even if we still love and crave carby/sweet food! Like now Id think about eating a whole bar of family fruit and nut and prob wouldnt eat the whole one time id have done that on a daily basis without thinking about it again....ignorance was bliss eh?:rolleyes: :( :eek: :mad:

Anyway Im rambling..just want to wish you luck!:)

:eek: Whats the weekly loss with WW?
I lost 2 stone on WW when i was 21 from 13 to 11...cant remember how long it took? I do remember secret eating though..i simply hadnt dealt with seem much more focussed and so many people have success.:D :D

Sure you can succeed....keep posting:)

Much love
Hi Joe, welcome to the WW Board!

I have so much respect for you doing LL, my mum is starting it next week, and when I first came here I was doing either that or CD (I've tried them all). It's extremely difficult not to eat anything at all, I think I got to something like day three or four, but I simply missed the act of chewing something far too much - that and milk, I can't stand black coffee!

Tips - When you get the books read through them. As you've never done it before it may well seem complicated, but for me it's the only plan I feel 100% comfortable with.

Do the exercises in the book (quizzes), they will help you work out first of all, which plan is best for you. No Count is very much like Slimming World and the (little) experience I've had off it tells me that it's about eating fresh food, and cooking a lot from scratch (or at least that makes it easier). Full Choice means you can eat anything within your points. I find this easiest because it means if I fancy a treat once a day, or a few times a week I can have it. I don't have to eat fresh food etc. It's enough of a change for me to eat healthily, but not one so dramatic that I find it difficult.

One of the quizzes is a habit audit, and helps you pick two habits to work on, which in turn will improve your way of thinking. Once you've worked on these it doesn't hurt to go through all of them. In fact I might start a habit audit thread.

Drink plenty of water - although you don't have to drink as much as you did on LL. I think about 2 litres a day is the recommended amount. A lot of the time when we think we're hungry, it's actually thirst.

Plan your points for the day before hand, especially in the beginning. This helps because it means you don't spend them all at lunch, and then are left hungry.

Have a treat every now and then. If you deprive yourself too much you end up craving it, and for me - that leads to bingeing.

Try and increase the amount of exercise you do.

If you go over your points, or fall off the wagon, one day - Don't Worry!! Start again at the next meal, or on the next day. It's not the end of the world.

Biggest tip of all, post on here! It's helped me so much! Just knowing that people are going through the same thing, the support everyone gives you! It's fantastic. Any questions, ask... someone is bound to know!

I can't think of anything else, but good luck! We're all rooting for you! :D
Hiya Joe!
I am an ex-Lighterlifer, I swapped to Cambridge and am now starting WW tomorrow. I also have decided that enough is enough. I have lost 3 stone on LL/CD and decided to eat properly and healthily to lose my final half a stone.. I have chosen WW as I've done it successfully before and find it to be such a healthy diet.
Good luck hun, look forward to chatting on here more.
Sarah x
Hi Guys, thanks so much for all your comments, it's a great help to know there are others in my situation.

I'm going to start a diary thread as I think it will help me.

I now realise I should have got the 'starter pack' but didn't realise what it contained at the time and as I had so much information on my I thought I woudln't need it - WRONG! It's getting on my nerves flicking between all these differnet booklets to find what foods are which points...only a few more days and then I'm buying the lot.

Anybody find the calculator thing helpful?

I haven't found a habit audit yet, maybe I'm reading the wrong book?

Right, am off to start a diary thread! Thanks for the support, it really does help.

joe x