Startting lipotrim tuesday and worried!

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  1. illstartmonday

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    Hi i am 17stone 4lbs male 6ft and starting tuesday want to get down to 14 stone and hopefully stay at that weight or even lose a bit more,

    any advice?
    Any idea how long would this take?
    Does the weight stay off ?

    Thanks for help guys
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  3. summergurl

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    Advice - water water water and lots of the stuff!!! :D Get on this forum whenever you can - lots of us on here really finds that it helps - i practically live on this site! lol

    It comes off alot quicker for males - i am sure a male will be along soon to give you some more advice :)

    The weight will stay off if you refeed properly and you change your old eating habits. This diet isnt a quick fix its a life style change :)

    Welcome and good luck :)
  4. Doirin

    Doirin Positivity is the key

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    Lipotrim, now weight watchers
    Hi Illstartmonday, welcome, you will lose weight on this diet if you stick to it totally and drink water regularly. If you look at peoples stats you will see just how quickly the weight comes off, as you are male you will probably lose it more quickly. Ye lads get all the breaks!! Best of luck with this first week, it's not as bad as you think, honest!
  5. IrishMum

    IrishMum A little of everything!

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    LT, now cc-ing to lose Christmas blubber!
    LT suggests that most people lose a stone a month, but I've seen the guy's weigh-ins on here and they all seem to be hitting 5-6lbs+ a week! So you should do it in no time! LOL!
    As for keeping it off- well, it's like any other diet- you'll have to change the habits that got you fat in the first place! I'm not saying that you'll never have a takeaway again, just that it'll have to be once a month rather than 5 times a week!;):p
    Everything in moderation will be my mantra when I get to goal!
  6. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Hi and welcome. To lose just over 3 stones I reckon it will take you about 2 months. Men seem to do so well on LT if they stick to it 100%. They also seem to lose a lot more than us a week too, lucky them. Good luck for Tuesday, stick to it and drink plenty of water and the weight will fall off you. Look forward to seeing your first week results.
  7. madhousemum

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    any advice? yes it will come off!!
    Any idea how long would this take? 3 stone i give it no more then 3 months but more likely to be 2- 2 and half
    Does the weight stay off ? yes i was on it last year in sep and i did gain a bit back but minute i started gainning it i decided to go back onto it but only cos i want to lose more if it was only the few lbs that i gainned i would have gone to slimming world but because i want to lose nearly 2 stone i decided to do it this way again. it makes you more aware of what you are eatting and drinking mine weight gain was due to drinking coke minute i started drinking it again i started to gain. keep an eye on it and minte you start gaining do something about it thats if you do gain most people dont they maintain there weight lose i was just just have to make sure you dont go back to your old ways and what gainned your weight dont do again. hope this helps.
  8. JanD

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    What everyone else has said!!! .... You won't find a quicker way than this or something similar. The best thing about having a complete break from food is it gives you a chance to become aware of and hopefully sort out the destructive?/unhealthy? relationship you've had with it in the past which has brought you to this point.

    Best of luck whatever you decide! x
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