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STARVING today :(

I have no idea what`s up with me today but I am STARVING!!

I moved up to 1000 plan so shouldn`t really be hungry :sigh:

Despite moving up, I still haven`t managed that many cals the last couple of days, But today I have gone over :( It`s still under for my height/weight to lose weight, But over for 1000 plan :(

I haven`t eaten lots of bad foods, Just too much of what I`ve chosen lol

I am just SO hungry tonight :confused:


Hope everyone else is having a good evening!!

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Strong women stay slim
yes odd , cos i have felt hungry for days and today i'm not hungry , maybe i gave you the hungry bug lol
I'm frigging starving!! I could cry and I'm peed off with OH so I just want to go an eat ANYTHiNG!!

yes odd , cos i have felt hungry for days and today i'm not hungry , maybe i gave you the hungry bug lol
Haha tis youuuuuuuur fault :p ;) x

Today, I have eaten -

Breakfast -

Choc Mint Shake
30g GF Cereal with a small amount of Milk


Lunch -

Sweet and Baby Leaf Mini Salad, 2 Boiled Eggs, 4 Cherry Tomatoes, 2 Teaspoons of Soft Goats Cheese *droooooool* and some "Vampire Relish" which is a really Garlicy relish lol


Tea -

:( 320g of Chicken Thigh Fillets (boned and skinless) - I should have only had 190g but it had to be eaten today and there was no way I was binning it!! I fried this in 4 sprays of Fry Light with 1 teeny Red Onion chopped and 1 and a half cloves of Garlic and ate it with some more Sweet & Baby Leaf Salad. I also had my Strawberry Shake.

I`ve had a couple of snacks too :( I had 1 small Cox Apple, 6 GF Cheese Crackers and 1 GF Shortbread biccie I found in the cupboard (Was last one from Christmas so I snaffled it :p )


I`m allowed 1,410 cals to lose weight for my height and weight and I was under this, But it`s obv over 1000 :( I think I was abour 327 cals over :( I do intend to do some exercise when everyone is in bed to try craw some back!



Why Be Normal?
Gosh, There must be something in the air today... I have been soooooo hungry all day. I have been a cranky miserable so and so because of it. I actually had a 4th CD thing -- because I couldn't stand my Mr. Hyde personality shift.

I'm gonna fill my water bottle again, make a cup of ginger tea, run myself a bubble bath and have a good long soak. I am so hoping that this passes... or it is going to be a miserable weekend (for all of us -- if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy).

Group hugs :grouphugg:

I`ve just done 10 mins on the x-trainer for some damage limitation, I`m crackered now lol x
I'm in bed! Lol but OH things it's funny to lie near enough across the bed so I have no room what so ever!!! I'm on the edge and me feet are hanging off :-( wouldn't think it's a bloody king size!

I'm so hungry I can't sleep :-( it's giving me a headache and I feel sick with hungar :(


Strong women stay slim
ok so it was a one off , theres no more goodies lurking is there ? ho no , don't look lol
Ok , so today your the strong person and back in control , let us know what your eating as you always do and keep with it

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