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Staying to group once at target


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How many people plan to stay to group once they're at target.

Personally, I know that the only way I'll be able to maintain my weight once I'm at target is to keep going to my group. It'll be free, so at least it won't be costing me anything. But I will continue to need the support and to be weighed regularly. If I don't I'll never weigh myself and my eating will get out of control again.

I've also noticed a few threads on here started by people who have rejoined SW after the weight started to creep back on. And good on them for doing so. But I don't want to have come back cap in hand and struggle all over again. I only plan on doing this once, as I'm sure those who have restarted planned to do. I'm not criticising those who have restarted SW after gaining their weight again, if anything I thank them because they're showing me that it continues to be a struggle after we're at target and therefore to plan a strategy ;)
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This is my third go at SW. Each time before I haven't made target and have put on ALL my weight (plus 2stone more) as I've gone back to old habits. This time I will get to target and will go regularly to class to make sure I NEVER put this weight back on. I may not go and stay every week, but certainly every other as I need that 'pressure' of a WI to keep me on the straight & narrow

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I absolutely will be continuing with class once I get to target - I love my group and really look forward to it each Thursday! Personally, I know if I don't stay to class I'll start to get lazy and would prob see the pounds creep back on xxx


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I too need my group. i need to know someone else is looking at my weight other than me x
Our group has two regulars who reached their target ages ago but still come every week. Then there are one or two who got to target and then slipped a little, but as they were still coming to class they have managed to get things back under control fairly quickly.

One woman got to target last week, and I hope she continues to come to class because she is really nice and everyone likes her.

Despite the fact that target people don't pay, all the consultants I know are absolutely delighted to see them coming back every week - acts as an inspiration for others, I suppose.


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When I get to target I will certainly continue going back as I am scared I'll slip up again.
I have targeted twice with SW. The first time I did o to class for about 6 months and was fine. We moved area so didn't bother to join another group. Wham the weight started coming back! I rejoined, targeted again and made the foolish mistake of not going back. Since then I rejoined three times and gave up before reaching target thinking I could do it on my own. Huh!! I should have known better! So this time I am going to carry on.
We have a couple of target members who come every week, one who targeted three years ago and has never been out of the allowable range. We also have a few target members who slipped a little and are back on track. It shows that the class and class support really helps and is vital for ones like me who slip!
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I am planning to keep going after target and hopefully that is not too far off, I'm 4 lbs away :) What I was wondering is do you have to go every week for it to be free?

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
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No I don't think so clare - but if you leave it too long and are more than 3lbs outside your target you have to pay for that night, so don't leave too big a gaps otherwise it'll cost!
S: 13st4lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 2st10lb(20.43%)
Ooh thanks for that, I'm hoping to be able to go most weeks anyway, was just wondering for when I go away or Christmas etc.
I have been at target since July 2008 and have gone to group every week since unless I've been on holiday.
I need to go! I've never gone outside my target range and had to pay and I know this is because I go every week. If I didn't go I'd pile it back on again.

You need to go at least once a month as a target member btw.
I'd certainly advise going at least every other week - the discipline of wi is VITAL imo, and I speak as someone who 'lost it' within months of reaching target!

Fortunately, I'm really lucky at my group, as there are lots of target members who come regularly, some of whom occasionally stray as well - at least 2 of whom have fallen BELOW their target range!!! Also hubby is very anxious not to regain the weight he has lost, so he is always keen to go, which also helps me.

I've only ever been a few pounds out of target range, and can't believe that I am unable to 'get it together' and sort it out, but dread to think where I'd be now if I'd stopped going.

So, with friends and family knowing that you are regularly committed on a certain day each week, and most, if not all of us, enjoying our weekly 'motivation session', I'd definitely say KEEP ON GOING!!!
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I go to class every single week. but i stay alternative weeks, one week i'l just weigh and go, and the next i'l stay, then obvs the next week i'l weigh and go. If i'm honest. The only reason i do this is because my bessie mate and i who go together, have a takeaway and crap telly in our pj's night after, BUT, my c can make the meeting last from half 6 to half 8 at times, and before you know it, youv missed eastenders, hollyoaks and sometimes even dont tell the bride ( :O ) which means somtimes we only get to spend an hour together, and as this is the only time we see each other during the week most weeks, its nice to have a bit extra time every other week..

But i will never not go. So long as i can help it! - it makes a massive difference to my life and i owe sw to continue going to show other new members that it can be done, and i need the support.

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I plan to go every week till my mam reaches target as without me she might give up after that she will weigh and run, tired after work and I'll swap to our consultants morning group as its better for me with kids, and after school clubs currently I never stop on a wednesday and group is same time as daughters rainbows


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How do those who are going it alone plan to maintain at their target weight, without the help & security of a group and consultant?
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I do SW online and this is the bit that is really unfair- I still have to pay for on-line membership when I get to target.

I have got to face the possibility of either paying (despite being a target member) for the forseeable future OR letting my membership lapse and hoping for the best!

I really like the discipline of being an on-line member, even though I am technically doing it on my own. I don't like classes and as I work away a lot find it hard to have that a s a routine.

I guess I am going to have to make the investment when I get to target- not the best scenario but worth it if it means I stick to target and have to still weigh-in and still can access all the support tools

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I lost a lot of weight previously both with SW and WW, and both times I've piled it all back on and then some, and I really believe this is because I didn't continue going to group to maintain.

This time I'm staying for the meetings (something I never did previously) and I fully intend to continue to attend once I reach target. Even (especially) though my next pregnancy, which I hope will be in a year or so.

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