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Stephen Fry did Atkins :-)

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Oh brilliant, he's doing a second autobiography! I loved Moab Is My Washpot but getting to the end of it just left me wanting more. The stuff about his time at Cambridge with Hugh Laurie & Emma Thompson should be great.

True story: I first decided to try Atkins back in 2000 after reading Frank Skinner & David Baddiel raving about it in an interview. I clearly remember a quote from Baddiel which went "Dr Atkins is right - fat isn't the enemy, sugar is the enemy." Seems like it is The Comedians' Diet...
It doesn't actually say Atkins, probably just lower carb, but what else is he cutting out now, dairy, meat, fat? Not specific enough to say what plan he is following.
All right SuZann granted it doesn't actually say Atkins, but 'just lower carb'? Whats the difference then?
I was referring to your OP, you stated that Fry was 'doing Atkins'. A lot of people say they are 'doing Atkins' when all they are doing is just cutting down on their bread and spuds. Unless you are following the plan to the letter as laid down in the books you are not doing 'Atkins'. Fry also says he is cutting down on his red meat and 'other foods' which he hasn't specified but I wouldn't be surprised if it was dairy, essential to do Atkins, along with plenty of fat. Atkins is specifically LOW (20g) carb and high fat.
suZann, next time I post a link I will get written confirmation first that the person is definitely following Atkins 'to the letter' I shall also make sure they have a copy of the book under their pillow!

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