Sticking to goals..


anybody else find it hard??:eek:
I thought I would list my goals here and hopefully that might make me stick to them!!LOL

New Years Resolutions-
1-lose 4st. (Im only aiming to lose half the weight I need to this year coz Im more interested in keeping it off, which is a big problem for me).

2-exercise more. (eventually do 5,000 steps a day with the dogs and 2 pilates/yoga sessions a week).

3-cook 2 dishes a week. (I live alone so this will involve batch cooking, meaning it will probably cover 4-5 days at least!!)

4-eat something you've grown. (I really want to grow my own produce, plus gardening is exercise)

5-cut Diet Coke down to 1 can a day (rather then the 2l I drink now!:eek:)

So thats the resolutions!! Usually I go at it full speed and my will power wanes before the end of january but Im trying a slower approach this time and trying to use mini goals to achieve results by the end of the year. so.....

January Goals-
1-walk dogs twice a day (however long).
2-eat healthier (at least 5 fruit and veg a day and way less processed foods, also home cook 1 meal a week).

Here's hoping when I weigh myself at the end of the month its made a difference!:)
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Wow you have a lot of Goals there start with one and a time.

I go to Pilates and really find it beneficial.

That's a lot of coke. Have you tried unsweetened fruit juice with fizzy water still a fizzy drink but better for you.

Good luck



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Good luck with your January goals!

Mine are...

1) drink more water and less tea.
2) do wii fit at least 3 times per week for at least 30 mins.
3) limit unhealthy foods to 2 times per week.

Good luck to everyone! :)


Well, that was a good month!!
I lost 1st and 4Ibs.:eek:

Mainly through eating healthy home cooking, lots of fruit and veg and some gentle exercise. Also allowed myself up to 3 snacks a day (sometimes fruit, or sometimes naughty ones like a packet of crisps, small amount of chocolate or slice of home made cake!)

Stuck to my mini goals of eating healthy with at least one home cooked meal (more like every meal TBH!). Favourites include veggie spag bol, sweet and sour pork, stir fry and chicken casserole.
Also only missed one dog walk (due to waiting in for a delivery.grrrr!).

Februarys mini goals are
1- drink 1 large glass of water a day.
2- do Pilates once a week.

Hope everyone else has had a good month!!:)


wow, 2 more good months!!:)
I lost 7Ibs in february and 7Ibs in march too. And Im feeling so much fitter and healthier. The only processed foods Im eating are the odd packet of crisps and the last of the freezer or cupboard stuff but I would say 90% of my diet is home cooked. Im really enjoying my dog walks now and going out more often.
As to my other goals, I havent managed to do the Pilates as I cant seem to get motivated but my new passion is gardening and growing my own veg and Im out in the garden loads getting things ready to plant.
Ive also cut my fizzy drinks down to 1 can a day and drink tons of water instead! So an average day for me would be-
breakfast- porridge, grated apple and seeds, lemon, honey and ginger tea.
Lunch- tuna salad in a home made roll.
Tea- chicken breast filled with light Philli and wrapped in ham with a mountain of veggies.
snacks- ovaltine, diet coke, home made date cereal bar, packet of Quavers.
Exercise- 1-1.5hours walking the dogs.
0.5-1 hr pottering about in the garden!

I cant wait to start harvesting my own fruit and veg and am shocked at how I dont feel deprived by my diet. Hope everyone else is having a good year!!


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Well done fatz, reading about how you're achieving your goals keeps me motivated!