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Still big??!


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Is it strange to think that you see yourself the same after losing 59 lbs???? :(:sigh: Wel I have that problem, sincerely all of my jeans are too big for me, they are really loose and from all of them I can only wear two that are not so loose. People say that I've lost weight and so one, but I don't see that in the mirror only on the scales. I still think that I'm big and that I have allot of giggly loose skin. What can I do to get rid of those?! :confused: I have a St.Communion to go today, but I'm not going as I don't want to ruin the diet, afterall all of my dresses are big and I really got to study for my finals. Like I say me finishing school is more important to a party, besides I want to stick to my diet. What can I do to have more confidence in myself, as I still see myself as fat?! Any exercise tips? Any tips on what to do? :confused: At the moment I don't know my real size, as I haven't have a chance to go shopping yet.....But what can I do to get this thing out of my head?:mad:
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Apparently it takes about 6 months for you to get used to having your new shape. It took ages for me to get used to it, especially because my body is essentially the exact same shape as it was when I was bigger, it's just smaller. I still have jiggly bits and I guess short of surgery (which is never going to be an option) it's not going to change. To be honest I'm no longer worried about what I look like without my clothes on. My ex has cured me of any body worries like that, he didn't care and insisted that anyone who is worth being with wouldn't care either. He said he clearly didn't see my body the same way I do. I still see big fat me, not the slimmer version. Now I make sure my clothes fit and look good, and thats all I worry about. My head will catch up with my body eventually.


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hi there, i think its a common thing t still think big when slim, ive lost 3 stones n when friends see me n say wow uve lost weight i dnt belive them as i cnt see what they see, im sure like everyone says it will catch up xxx keep it up uve done so well so far

lunar jim

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Yes it does happen, my head still thinks '2XL' is the way forward with T-shirts when browsing the shops and the wardrobe when in reality I'm 'L' or 'XL' depending on the shop/brand etc. Still, better than '4XL' when I started! :D


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Awwww bless you,, yes it's normal but I bet you look great :)

About two months ago my head finally started catching up :D after 6 ish months of being smaller !


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Either ask openly, or be a bit sneaky and take a look, to find out what size clothes your friends take and then go and try on the same sized clothes yourself to try to 'fix' in your own mind how you look compared to them. I know we're all individual and shouldn't try to compete but after losing weight quickly you sometimes need an 'anchor' point to visualise yourself as others see you

Mrs Z

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Is it strange to think that you see yourself the same after losing 59 lbs . .
Absolutely. I still see myself as the huge person I used to be.

I even ordered 2 sets of new PJ's on-line last week and ordered the old huge size out of habit.


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I did the same thing when I lost weight a few years ago. I drove my DH crazy asking question like ' do I look like her?' constantly. He couldn't understand that I really had no idea what I looked like and even though my clothes said 10 instead of 20, in my mind I hadn't changed at all!

It took a while to realise...


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i agree with everyhing that blush has said, ive lost 4.7 stone, i look in the mirror and still think this bit is fat and i still got a long way to go, but pple think i look fab, one comment i had in a nice way, "it looks like youve been run over by a steam roller" :)


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Unfortunately I have not lost any weight to be in this dilema yet but I am sure that it takes some time for your mind to catch up with your body... if you were losing 1lb a week then it would probably register immediately, but you are not doing that... so therefore there must be some time delay...

Just relish the thought that you will never be that size again and enjoy the rest of your journey..


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