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Stopping buying stuff for snacks

I normally buy Ryvita and Alpen light for when I want a biscuit a=snack. Well Im having to give them up meals times are fine plenty veg salad fruit, but in the evening after having my syns already the ryvita call me and Im really sick of trying to resist. So Ive decided not to buy them so I dont have to be tempted.

I must be very weak but I struggle at night I do eat lots of fruit.:D
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Why are you having to give them up?

Sorry just reread that properly... can you reduce your syns during they day knowing you will crave them in the evening, or change days so you can have 2 of each hexa?
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Ive tried everything this is the only option left to me.The thing is I have a really good meal,then 0% greek yogurt and fruit.Then more fruit during the evening,but I still want the biscuits .I wont feel deprived it might be a relief not having them in.
this is the reason dh and i like to save our "b" choice for the evening time......could you not try that?? we fill ourselves with all the other free food through the day, and then later in the evening we have a packet of velvet crunch (4 syns) and usually a hi-fi bar as our "b" choice, and it usually works for us
Thanks Nad that sound doable, I have weetabix and milk with banana. I really dont fancy anything cooked in the morning.

Im doing EE i Know on green you get 2 HEXB but ive never done red or green.
for breakfast we usually have either some scrambled or boiled eggs, or fruit and yogurt......we mainly do EE aswell, as we really think this is the best plan where you dont feel like you are on a diet. although this week i have managed to add a few red days in, including today.

also another bit of advice, is to really go for it on the free foods, dh and i find the weeks we have ate more we have better weightlosses.....
Thanks for that info, I think it is a good idea to stop buying snacks as Im never satisifed with just 1 of whatever it is.

I do eat a lot of free food and try to include plenty in meals etc.


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