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STRANDED, is it ever gonna end?

Miss Mango

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just had a walk upto the local coop and its blinkin freezin, i can stand the cold cus of my work but this is extreme. And its not gonna get much better neither. Wheres the council when ya need them lol, i pay 1,000's in rates for my business and i cant even get within 200 yards in a vehicle, what a joke and a disgrace to our society.
i pay 1,000's in rates for my business and i cant even get within 200 yards in a vehicle, what a joke and a disgrace to our society.
It is pretty poor, however even when the council do their job inconsiderate people can create their own brand of chaos. My friend's neighbour tried to get her car out of the drive the other day and got stuck in a snowdrift, completely blocking the only way out of my friend's house. As myself and my daughter were round at my friend's house the day after we offered to help clear her drive and get the car back up her drive. She refused, even when my friend pointed out that if the snow plough came it would not get all the way along the street so my friend's part of the road would still be under more than 2 feet of snow.

Yesterday the plough arrived - and of course stopped just short of the stranded car. Now everyone in my village can get their cars out, including this inconsiderate girl, but my friend is still stranded.

Go figure.
we did have some more snow overnight but thankfully the sun is out this morning so it might start melting it away a bit, we have over 2ft and im so fed up of been stuck in the house!


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Our village is i/2 a mile from the main road, and is supposed to be ploughed because of the school bus. It took 2 weeks last year for them to get round to doing it, and it only really snowed once.There's been no sign of a plough yet.We've had deep snow for a week now, and managed to get out yesterday, Morrisons was HEAVING! We look forward to a high of -2c today!
When I lived in Staffordshire, the farmers were paid to keep the moor road from Biddulph to Leek open.
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Miss Mango

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I can't remember who said it was getting warmer..... but here in Leeds the snow seems to have stopped (at around 12"!) but the temperature this morning is -11!! :eek::eek:
It says its -11 here at the mo - its certainly absolutely freezing but I didn't think it was that low!

I hope this is not the dawning of a new ice age cos it certainly blooming well feels like it :p
we had a bit more snow through the night but suns out now so hoping it's going to melt a bit, the snow plough was out yesterday doing the main road but still can't get out of my road ggggrrrrr :(
I do hope we get no more. Had enough of the stuff, had enough of the bloody inbreds round here trying to put my windows thru with it en masse. Had enough of mincing like a total wimp when I step out in it and had enough of the cold. Brrrrr

I shouldn't really moan, Birmingham hasn't had much. My sister in sheffield is pretty much snowed in, theres a 4ft drift against her patio so can't get out in the back garden and as she lives on a 4:1 hill she can't get to work....she's got a pub across the road tho so she's happy:D

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Lol CatCrazy - at least the pub is there to provide hot meals and drinks then :D Apparently its been really, really bad in Sheffield, worse than here. We've still got loads here but to be honest the roads are great, I got to everywhere I needed to go this week & weekend so am not too fussed now although I'd like it to go away for everyone elses safety and convenience.

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