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Strange but I dont feel hungry

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I'm not a expert but that could be because your missing the 3rd shake ? I'm sure you should have all 3 for optimum results. I know its hard as I'm also not hungry so have to force myself to have the 3rd pack but from what I've read on here it's pretty essential.

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It is good you are not hungry as you must be ketotic. You really need to have all 3 packs to have recommended nutrients. Force it down if you have to. The tetras are good and dont last long try those. Good luck.


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The thing is, you won't drop pounds every day, not after the first week anyway. It doesn't work like that (more's the pity). You may go up to a week without seeing any movement at the scales (and occasionally even longer than a week). It doesn't mean you aren't losing fat - you are! But you're likely to retain water from time to time and I'd lay money on this being the case now.

Try not to get to focussed on what scales say (easier said than done, I know!)

And have that third shake. If you skip it, you're only having two thirds of the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals and you'll be missing out on a third of the protein, fat and fibre you need to make this diet work as well as it possibly can. You won't - repeat, won't lose weight faster by skipping shakes.


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I believe you need all 3, otherwise your body goes to far into ketosis which is starvation, mean your body will store more fat. You really need to have all shakes.

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Thanks so much guys will defo have the third shake. I need to increase my water intake...not had the recommended amount ... oops


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Water is deffinately the reason i don't think you have seen a loss in weight yet.. drink lots of water, the more you wee the more you lose.

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