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Strange constant sweet taste in my mouth

ooo how strange! not pregnany r u?? x
sorry meant to write pregnant!! lol sx
I don't like artificial sweetner, and find if it's in too many things I eat or drink, that I can still taste it for ages afterwards.


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I went through a couple of months of constantly having a sweet taste in my mouth, then it went away and hasn't returned. I googled it, but no one really knows what causes it, but it's nothing to worry about.
Dr. Josephson explains, "Sweet taste in the mouth can be caused by various medical problems. For instance, various metabolic problems can cause a sweet taste in your mouth; for example, diabetes can cause this. Overall this symptom is poorly understood. We know that diabetes can give a patient a sensation of sweet taste in the mouth."

What other medical conditions can cause this problem? "Neurologic problems such as a stroke, seizure disorder or epilepsy can cause this problem. The patient may not even be aware that they are having a seizure, epilepsy or a stroke because this may be the only symptom. Furthermore, virus that attack the olfactory (sense of smell) nerve or nerve that sends the signals of taste can lead to this sweet taste."

It doesn't stop there;
Dr. Josephson continues: "On the other hand, infection in the sinuses, nose and/or throat, especially with the bacteria pseudomonas, can give you a sweet taste or smell." This type of bacteria can cause sinus and other ear nose and throat infections especially in people with compromised immune systems including diabetes aids and other immune system dysfunctions. This bacteria often causes urinary tract infections and pneumonia. Though this bacterium can cause the sweet taste in your mouth, infections by pseudomonas can be life-threatening. But don't panic. Normal people can get infected with pseudomonas and do fine.
so go see your doctor if it persists....
keotosis gives you a sweet taste like pear drops in your mouth, are you doing mainly red days??? could be that no/low carbs is causing keotosis, worth considering, but should get checked by doc if it persists just to be on the safe side as coljack says xxx


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I am def not pregnant (unless divine intervention has struck again ;p)
I have the odd thing with sweetener in it, but I taste aspartame as bitter and so avoid artificially sweetened things a lot.
I guess it could be ketosis, but I do have a sore throat, so could be a bacteria infection too....
Hmmm had it for 2 days now and if it is there tomorrow, I will see my GP about it.
It would be my luck to get diabetes after just losing a stone!!
If you're ill anyway and the coating on your tongue looks a bit odd then it'll be a bacterial infection. A doctor in india taught me that changes in the coating of the tongue reflect what's going on in your stomach. I wouldn't normally believe a man sitting cross-legged on the floor wearing a nappy, but i always have a funny tongue coating if i'm ill, so he wasn't wrong!!

See how it is when your cold/infection has cleared.

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