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strange side effects

today (4th day) although not hungry, I am feeling a little tired in the leg department :eek:

and getting strange achings in the legs

Now I love my salt
I am guessing Salt withdrawal?

I also used to take vitamins everyday, including a high dose flaxseed oil
folic acid
vit c

will I have all this covered in my exante diet?

I am getting aching in my hand joints too :confused:
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Y'see the thing with the oil... I used to take a supplement too, but for different reasons.

Now while they say 'nutritionally complete', given that we have complex and unique physiologies I refuse to believe that we would all have exactly the same nutritional requirements. Now when it comes to average nutritional requirements, I'm sure all the varieties of spacefood have all the approved amounts of nutrients for the average person, but point me to an average person? (especially as nutritional requirements varey with age, level of exercise, etc, before you even get to physiology).

So, if you feel you're missing out, it's for you to judge, but given these are probably nearly fat free, I wouldn't be surprised if you're lacking lubrication. the only thing i was once warned about with multivits, they sometimes have a sugar coating.

Now, my interest is that given that certain EFAs are essential for brain construction and function, and there is considerable research as to whether a lack of certain EFAs can contribute to depression. Makes sense to me, as every time I diet I get as far as losing a stone or two, but by which point I'm chronically low. Which is what I'm keeping a careful eye on things this time...

Anway, moving on.

Day 4, less spaced out, still hungry, not a ketone hinted at, I don't know what you all mean about constipation, I've had quite the opposite... :eek: Gut (as well as stomach) has been burbling all day.

No aches or owt, but have been noticably more tired this past couple of days.

Went to Tesco for coke zero, just to console myself with a bit of normality. That was an almost painful experience. Have been a veggie for over a decade, but nearly mugged the bloke in front of me at the till for his shopping.

I await the point this becomes 'brilliant' and 'easy'. Not cracking yet, but ain't exactly leaping with joy right now.
yes with my achy all joints in my hands from too many winters

I think I must be missing it

had a short dodgy dizzy feeling
must be the move over to ketosis
definately feel like I have already walked for half an hour before I start my half hour
if you know what I mean
I am also short on iron
will take the flaxseed and iron at least
had a short dodgy dizzy feeling
Had that the other day, unpleasant, but it passed.

definately feel like I have already walked for half an hour before I start my half hour
if you know what I mean
Yep - the schlep back from the bus stop has definitely been a bit more uphill this past couple of days...
Sam said a sprinkle of salt on your soup will stop the odd moment of dizziness.

She was right. :)
Interesting Mush sometimes i feel a little like that too. Not entirely sure why, i attributed it to the fact i have had a sore throat and cough for the last week or so but maybe not?

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