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Strange thourght re food

Morning everyone!

Well a couple of days ago a friend popped round and we got chatting about going to new york in november, just the two of us on a girly weekend.

Anyway- although i know it is still a fair few months away- it has opened my mind to eating.

I have been 100% on this diet and will be taking the weekend off when I go to NY, i have been before and do know that I wil have to be very sensible with my choices.

Anyway- it is not the loss of control that scares me- I know I am able to handle the control issue- and will be a good way to goal by then hopefully having lost about 6 stone.

I was thinking about eating and it freaked me out- as in I keep thinking that what ever i eat is going to make me sick :( like i was imagining eating and straight after that "day dream" i saw myself just being sick again.

Have i developed an irrational phobia of food?!?!

Does anyone else feel like this?
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I think this is a natural fear of going 'back' as it where - I had it a bit. Dont think about eating big meals etc, imagine eating a bit of protien or some salad etc, that probably seems more palatable, and then you can work up from there. You have spent so long thinking of food as 'bad' to help you through the diet it is just a knee jerk reaction. As the time comes closer you will feel better. You are doing really well, and by November you may be on the home stretch!
thank you for the advice! :) nice to know im not too crazy- it may be because i am getting really sick nowadays- since ive had swine flu- although all other symptoms have gone I have been getting really sick in middle of night and morning... i may just been feeling dodgy


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I recently went on holiday and was quite scared to eat, I think I imagined I would just pile on the weight, as I had not gone through the stages, and I will admit after my first meal I was sick (a touch of the bulimia I'm sure, and the quantity after the shakes). My CDC is quite pragmatic and says the diet should work for us and not to let it rule you life. Anyway on my diet I stuck to my shakes for two meals and had a protein and veg meal in restaurants at night, and it was just a quesiton of picking the right thing, I never found a restaurant that did not have something I couldn't eat... and I enjoyed every meal. I also managed to lose 7lbs over 3 weeks which I was pleased with, as I imagined I would put on.

In conclusion as I have waffled on... enjoy your holiday, eat sensibly and enjoy your food.


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every time i eat now off plan i feel so guilty i want to make myself sick! i don't and obviously not the way forward but i do worry that i will have those horrible guilt feelings every time i eat something bad (not something i plan on doing reguarly btw!) and that will make me want to binge and purge more.


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I think it's quite normal, I had a planned break this weekend and was so scared walking around the shops looking for food for our picnic, I think you will be drawn towards healthy foods anyway.

Being aware of what you are eating can't be a bad thing can it? At least it shows that you are making conscious choices.

Enjoy your holiday and just take it a step at a time, I'm sure you'll be fine!


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I was the same when I went out for my first meal since being on cd. I totally freaked out trying to choose a place to eat in and we were in the o2 where it has lots of places to choose.

I kept scanning the menues not thinking I CAN'T have that but I DON'T want that. Good in a way as it had proven to myself that I have already changed the way I think about food and I couldn't believe how strong I was. In the end after being close to tears in the middle of the o2 I explained to Hubby that I felt guilty that I was gonna ruin things for him as it was our Wedding Anniversary and I wanted him to have a nice meal out to but he told me not to be silly he would go where ever I wanted to go as he would find something on the menu no matter where we were. So we went to a latin place and I had grilled chicken with cumin spiced veg and felt great relief that I could still stick to the 810 plan that I was on that week.

So don't worry hun I think we are all going through this thought process but I think it is deffinately one of the steps to thinking about the way we eat in the future and to not let ourselves get in this position again. Enjoy you trip to NY. xx

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