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Strangest craving...


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Hi all,

Hope you've all had a good one today.

I've had the strangest craving all day. Bloomin' LOBSTER!

I mean, lobster?!?! Why lobster?!?! I haven't had it more than maybe twice in my entire life, and then only a little bit with a dressed crab!!!

OH thinks it's because it's my body telling me I'm deficient in some minerals that lobster offers.

I think it's because it's near to when we go on holiday, a time of traditionally eating stuff like that. Things that we wouldn't normally and it's prompting me subconsciously.

Bit bizarre! Anyone buy the mineral/vitamin theory? xxxx
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yeah completely! like when i used to constantly eat junk food for the sake or it, i used to crave veggies and fruit! your body knows what you need, and makes you want it so that you can supply your body, although its strange on this diet as you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need xx lobster though yummy!


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I was craving for broccoli on saturday! Weird Cambridge cravings!!! lol
The strangest thing I have ever craved was really hot bubbly bath water, but I wasn't on the diet I was pg. I used to drink some before I got in!

It took about 5 months after giving birth to disappear.


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Haha that is so strange!!


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My most recent craving was...... lettuce!! Crispy, crunchy, freshly washed and icy cold little gems, to be precise.....

I was craving chicken the other day!
Weird, huh.

And when I was working I craved hotdogs, cause I could smell them, yet when I got home I cooked my sister a bacon sandwich no problems. :confused:


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I definately think thats it, I'm vegetarian and when I stopped eating meat I started to crave spinach and stuff when I was low on protein. Not having junk food and stuff gives our bodies a chance to tell us what we need.


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This diet brings strange cravings, that's for sure!! I haven't done much craving for junk food either, just things like chicken and stuff - odd!! Usually it's crisps and chocolate but i haven't really missed them! (ok, i lied - have missed crisps a bit:D)

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