Strategies for getting through ALL the water

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  1. Elaine-Melanie

    Elaine-Melanie Full Member

    Hi, how do you get through your guzillions of water each day?
    I have two mugs of hot water each morning before leaving for work.
    Take 1/2 litre bottle to drink in the car.
    Have a 2 litre bottle of water on my desk that has to be gone by 4pm.
    Drink 2 mugs of hot water in the evening.

    Saturday is really difficult because I am out and about and worry that I won't find a loo. What do you do?

    Sunday mornings I drink 1/2 litre in Church but struggle to get the full 3 litres during the day down can I help that increase?
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  3. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    I wwear by my sodastream bottles.... or any 1litre bottles i guess.... I start work at 11.... so i try to have 1 litre before i leave the house in the morning.... i take another to work and have that through the day... then i have another 1 litre bottle when i get home from work, upping a little if i exercise!!!

    I think if you have a set amount (Bottle) that you aim to drink in a certain timescale its easier.... I try to think of it as medicine lol...

  4. Elaine-Melanie

    Elaine-Melanie Full Member

    Always a challenge, maybe we should have an IV line!
  5. HockeyNut

    HockeyNut Silver Member

    Weekends are always my toughest time. I take a 2ltr bottle to work with me each day and make sure I drink it before I come home. I also make my shakes with a pint of water simply because I mis-read the instructions in the first week but I like them that way. However at weekends I have to make sure I drink more.
  6. October Optimist

    October Optimist Full Member

    I find spaving the 4 lts out really helps to cure those peckish moments! I have a 1lt bottle which is a god send as i know how much it holds! I usually drink a bottle before i leave for work at 8 and take another bottle with me to drink gradually through out the day. I finish work at 4 and come home and drink another before my dinner shake, leaving one more for the evening. The one in the evening is to simply keep me from feeling hungry, that was always my worst time of the day!
  7. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Me too.... Evenings and weekends!!! x

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