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stressed n feel like a blow out

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Chicken salad - Safe but make sure its breast meat and not cooked in fat, green salad with no dressing.
Kebab - You'll probably gain 6lbs over night and reatin water like mad so really not worth it. :)
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Yes. If you reward stress with a "blow-out" meal, you're never going to get out of that mindset. And it could affect your ketosis state as well as your weight loss.

Why don't you consider doing SS+ for the day, and following the guidelines of that. At least you want over do it with that "blowout" mentality cos you'll be following the sizes/weights and calories specified.
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If you use stress as an excuse to eat, what's going to stop you from overeating on chocolate or pizza or other things that made you overweight in the first place when you finish CD?Why not try distracting yourself with a book or a bath or a walk if possible?Paint your nails?Call a friend?Hang in there and the urge to eat will pass.


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Only on a VLCD could you describe a small chicken salad as a blow out...:rolleyes:

IMHO, it would be better to try not to. Slippery slope and all that.

But if it's that or going completely off track, eat the salad and call it an SS+ day.


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Everyone probably thinks i am a real "bad ass cheating" dieter but if you want to eat something have a plain chicken kebab (with green veg and NO bread) or have your chicken salad, its not going hurt you or bring you out of ketosis. I do agree with the others about food not being a reward but i think sometimes you need to reattach to the real world, and in the future there is nothing to stop you comfort eating from time to time, just as long as you make the right choices with what you eat. Hope your grandad gets better x
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Yes I hope your Grandad gets better soon too cooky....I know how you feel, my teenage son and I had a huge row early and he did a runner....I immediately went to reach for crisps....and stopped. Others are right....it can be a slippery slope......xx

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Hey Cooky, you poor thing hun. Hope you're ok. You've done really well so far and we are in this journey together. Look after yourself and get some good sleep. Big hugs x


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Hi Cooky, hope your grandad gets better soon. Try talking to someone about how you feel, try and get it out and then you wont feel that urge to comfort eat. Look after yourself x
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Glad you got through it Cooky, and are back on track. I hope that your grandads are both ok.


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well done, just think you could of had a blow out on something really bad BUT you made a conscience decision to stick to the diet!!! I bet your weight loss is absolutely fine this week x p.s hope both of your grandads get better you poor thing ;)

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