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This is REALLY silly, i think i need some help! :sigh: I have gone into panick mode about losing weight!!!
I love love love slimming world, mainly the freedom to eat lots of filling food :)
BUT, i feel like i want to loose fast, and my 1.5lb loss this week has put me down.
I know its a good loss, and within the recomended ammount, and i really do not want to do a low calorie diet! My kids and hubby dont even notice i am dieting, just eating better foods.
Sw is defo the plan for me. Its just i have a fair old ammount to loose, and with following the plan 100% i kind of expected my losses to remain roughly the same each week!
I have been getting more obsessed with calories and fat content on a daily basis and its stressing me out!!! Can i bar myfitnesspal?!!?:rolleyes: lol
Seriously thinking about fat content & calories makes me hungry!! And its no help my bloody mother (on vlcd) is constantly talking calories and asks EVERY DAY ''how much have you lost since yesterday'' Grrr...... I know she will put all the weight back on as she is sooo deprived, and i will carry on eating and getting on with my life, But she is making me want to ''win'', when really i just wanna be healthy and LIVE! :cry:
Rant over. Need a slap i think to sort myself out!!!! xx
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Sounds like you're having a horrid time at the moment.

I've noticed that you are in your 6th week and when I was at this stage of the diet, I became a bit obsessed too. I constantly thought about food and kept going over and over everything I'd eaten. I'd go over it in my head, then write it down about 3 times a day!

I'm pleased to say that it only lasted around 3 weeks at the most and I put it down to being desperate to lose weight.

If your mother carries on, she may hinder, but I suspect that she is only trying to encourage you. Nest time she mentions it, just say that you'd rather not go into it as thinking about it is getting on your nerves - that is being quite honest too!

Just focus on your own slimming journey. You are doing brilliantly and 1.5lb off is better than 1.5lb on :)


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Hi hun, i think youve hit it yourself, sw is an amazing plan and is sustainable in the long run. I have been tempted with calorie counting and ww with promises of faster losses. But i didnt stick to them, cos i do feel so deprived and hungry and then just binge. Keep it up, you know it works. Could you realistically do a vlcd? No food and having to watch your family tuck into all those lovely sw friendly meals.

Its easier said than done, but dont compare yourself to other people are their weight loss. In the end the only person you end up in competition with is yourself. I have other serial dieters around me and i just refuse to discuss my weight loss with them. They know im going to class, but i give the impression im going purely to help my mil and dont discuss what im doing. It might take you longer to lose your weight, but you will get there, and theres less danger of you putting it back on.


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Thank you for your replies :) NiaX fab advice about what to say to mumsie dear!! I know she is prob trying to encourage me and i am sure if i just said im trying not to get OTT about it she would lay off a bit! I think i have just hit a sour point where i feel i have a mountain to climb, and no strength!
FunkyMonkey, I know i couldn't do a vlcd! No way i could stick to it! I am really really enjoying slimming world, i know it works, i trust the plan and i love it! I defo need to not compare my losses. I think i have done well and i need to relax a bit now, Not food wise obviously ha ha but stop counting calories etc :) Thanks again xx

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