Strolling back in anger


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I was tfr for just under 8 weeks and then onto refeed and now trying hard to maintain.
It's been a very tough year and I know that's not an excuse to stuff my problems down my throat.
I've gained 8lbs and with xmas looming, i'm just doing damage limitation. I want to to tfr in the new year for a week or so to detox, then get back to the healthy eating again.
I tried other ways, ww, dukan, but I always find myself coming back to lipotrim.
Is it just me or is anyone else just finding things tough. I'm nursing a sick mother, my father in law died in march and my father died suddenly in september. As for my marraige...well, i'm sure you can guess where that is.
I hope we can all get tru xmas and pick it up again next week.

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Hiya! :)

No one here will argue that it's difficult to maintain at the best of times. Add to that the year you've had, looking after your Mum and - though I don't know anything about your marriage, I'm guessing from your comment that it's not in a good place at the moment .... and it's no wonder you're struggling!

All I can advise is to try to limit the damage as far as you can and get christmas out of the way. Then pick it up again, as you say. You most certainly are NOT the only one having difficulties maintaining at the moment, so don't worry on THAT score!

We CAN do this though - keep your chin up :) x


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Hi hun, I just want to echo what Jan has said! Sounds like it has been a tough time for you, please don't beat yourself up,but you are right to try to get things back on track in the new year. I can "fess up" that this isn't my only LT journey and the first time i wasn't mindful after refeed and put it all back on (3 stone!) This time I am being more careful and weighing myself each week so that I can do something about gains before it gets to such a big figure I just give up and put it all back on! (been there got the xxl tee shirt!!) Enjoy Christmas if you can and take a deep breath in the new year and do what you have to do, Most of all take care of you xx


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Oh my, what a year you have had.
As above, just limit what you do until you can make a fresh start after Xmas.


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S: 13st9.0lb G: 10st7.0lb
Thank you so much for the comments, it means so much to know i'm not alone in all this, my skinny friends just don't get it.