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Strongest low fat cheddar cheese?


I will be a Princess!
Hi all,

I wasn't sure where to put this, so I've plonked it here :D

What's the strongest tasting low fat cheddar you've come across? I've got Tesco extra mature low fat cheese, but it tastes like plastic to me :sigh:

Cathedral city lighter is ok, but I was wondering whether there's any others that have a nice strong taste. I like cheese to taste of cheese! :D xx
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Morrisons do a greek style cheese in their Eat Smart range which is very strong - like feta - but its also quite salty too. Its great for salads but not for cooking with. And a big plus is that you can have 71g of it as a HexB choice on Green plan.

If I'm buying cheddar then its got to be Cathedral City lighter purely cos it melts like a full fat cheese.


A determined Bear
I really like Waitrose own brand reduced fat cheddar- they do different strengths. I tried the strength 4 one, and that was really nice :)
I've tried lowlow, and it was a bit rubbery.

The waitrose one is the nicest I've tried so far...


I will be a Princess!
Wyke Farm - used to be called Leskol. it came out top in a taste test of RF cheese on a cookery programme I saw a while back and the judges were chefs.

I don't suppose you know which supermarkets sell this do you? :) xx


Addicted to Cheese
I am quite fussy about cheeses and at the moment am addicted to Pilgrims lighter as it really tastes like cheese! When it first came out it was constantly on offer too but sadly no more :( I had 6 blocks in my fridge at one point!x

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