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struggling already :(

hello everyone

i'm on day 12 and absolutely dying to eat something! I don't feel hungry at all, but am still finding it really really hard to stay motivated! I lost 9lbs in my first week and was so so thrilled! but its monday now and since i weighed on wednesday i have lost 1lb??? it's only week two! i wouldn't mind the food cravings so much if i could feel a difference in myself :)

i told my dad last week that he was being a baby saying its hard, i am now eating my words! haha.
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Please keep going, just hang in there and you will get thru. How come you weigh on Wednesday and Monday. Just stick to weighing once a week. Please don't give up now. I'm in my 6th week and believe me I've had days like you're describing. but it does get easier. You'll be so pleased if you get thru today without giving in.
Good luck
Hey, just read your post. Totally feel your pain but I promise, it gets so much easier once your in week 3! I was crying and grumpy and being a bit of a knighmare but I'm on day 22 today and have lost 24lb in that time. It's so worth stcking too, go and buy yourself some beauty products and pamper yourself. That works every time for me. Chin up and keep going xxxxx
i'm so right there with you!! on day 14 and despite two amazing losses and actually feeling the difference i'm still finding it hard not to slip back into old bad habits of comfort eating. Having an ME flare up and that is always when i hit the chocolate and struggling today not to return to tghe old bad habits that got me here in the first place!
we can do this!!!
thank you so much guys!
been AWFUL the past week or so, but i'm being silly to fall so early on! thank you for all your advice :)
100% tomorrow! lets see what i can do by wednesday :)
it's horrible isnt it! i work in a hotel = food everywhere!
was in 7-3 this morning and had to turn down a 5star cooked breakfast, killed me haha!x
lolx i work in a hospital and i have started not going to the canteen the smell of food is killing me plus i want to prove everyone who says its not going to work x


weighs a lot less
week 2 has always been harder for me than week 1, but by the end of the 3rd week it becomes second nature , you will fancy food every now and again , its human nature to eat after all but the cravings soon pass xx
Hey i'm on day 4 of mine and yesterday was aweful!! managed to pull through though...you've been on it LT way longer than me but I just wanted to say we have to stick this out (Y) wouldn't have started the diet if you didn't want to! persevere (although LT doesn't :')) people on here have had some AMAZING losses considering the time it has taken, it will all be worth it in the end x

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