Struggling and starting hopefully with a finish!

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    Nothing at the moment just exercise
    Hi all,

    So im still new to minimins and im hoping to contribute alot in the future by STICKING to wanting and actually LOOSING weight.

    So im struggling to GET started i need a plan. My parents are in the process of writing me out a menu for me to try for a week which follows the 'food doctor' diet. Anyone have any luck in this one?

    I need a boost, a kick start. My struggle isn't exercise its DIET.

    Could someone help guide me interms of PICKING a diet known to work and suitable for someone at my age (19) on a very tight budget since moving out of home and no longer living with parents and i work ALOT of hours.

    Any suggestions? Im totally new to dieting or PROPERLY dieting.

    (If any of you would like to add me on msn and have a chat with me on there, again that would be much appreciated - silentdreamsend @ ) :p
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  3. Canadatogo

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    The stress, alcohol, and lack of money diet
    Hello, and welcome to the forums.

    It sounds like we're in the same boat; I just turned twenty, moved out a year ago, and I'm pretty skint. I'm about to start working crazy hours too, so I picked a diet that didn't make too much of a fuss about food. I picked SlimFast because it's so quick to make a shake, and you only need to worry about one meal a day (and you can just pick up a ready meal.)

    I tried doing diets where you have a ton of recipes and have to cook stuff all the time, but it just never worked for me. I only have me to cook for, so I don't have anyone to share the workload with. And I hate going grocery shopping and buying 20p of carrots, and 17p of ginger.

    Even if you don't go on a 'proper' diet, if you can manage to shut up the voice in your head and not buy rubbish when you go to the shop, you'll probably end up eating a lot healthier. That, and you'll impress your parents when they peek inside your fridge.

    Good luck with whatever diet you choose, just pick something and jump right into it.
  4. dani*r

    dani*r Full Member

    by far the easiest i have found (in 12 yrs of struggling) are the food replacement diets.
    im on cambridge at the moment, sounds expensive at first (about £35 per week), but when you consider the cost of buying low fat this , and healthy eating that it works out about the same.
    its not easy, the first few days are tough , but the losses are fantastic.
    dont get me wrong we all fall off the wagon from time to time, but it somehow seems easier to get back on this diet.
    good luck whatever you decide.
  5. totty

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    My own
    It depends what you want and how much weight you have to loose....nothing is a short term solution....and does need maintenance.

    If you dont have alot to loose then i would not recommend food just need to choose healthy options, foods low in GI like brown bread instead of white (more fibre)...musili...nuts and
  6. Big_emo

    Big_emo Full Member

    I have found that Slimming world is shrinking my food bill, if I am having a tighter money week I fill up on rice, beans, potatoes. I always nip to the shops just before they are shutting to take advantage of the cheap fruit
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