Struggling big time - HELP!!!!


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It's Day 7 and I feel awful. Yesterday, I think I must've got a bit of a bug or something - OH has had tummy troubles for the last few days (not sick, the other :rolleyes:) and I can only assume that my version of it hasn't been quite so bad because there's very little in me to come out, IYKWIM.

In a way it's sort of been a good thing cos I usually get really bunged up on CD and really have to keep a good eye on things.

I couldn't justify taking a day off work - I wasn't exactly that ill - so I went in as usual, and went on a walk with my colleague at lunchtime as we have every day this week. I didn't mention to her I wasn't quite right, cos you don't, do you? And anyway, I didn't feel too bad before we went.

But by the time we got back, I felt terrible - really cold and wibbly. I felt a bit better after having a shake, but not much, so ended up eating my 'emergency' CD chocolate orange bar stashed in my drawer. Big mistake - cos although I started to feel a lot better, I've now got the raging munchies, grrrr...

I've ended up eating a tin of tuna in spring water just now, but even now, all I want to do now is stuff my face and make the icky tired feeling go away!! I know that the best thing really would be to actually go to bed, but I can't just yet - I've got a son to look after and I'm on my own tonight cos OH is on night duty.

So forgive me, but I've just come on here to rant - and to beg you all to tell me not to give in and dive head first into the fridge...


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We had that horrible bug at christmas, not really a sicky buy but more a gastric one, running to the loo and stomach cramps, its not nice but it passed in 24 hrs. You can do it!!! Don't give in, think how terrible you will feel after :( And if you do eat something it will give you worse sicky buggy symptoms. The heartburn, cramps running to the will feel worse!! Drink lots of water, especially if you are running to the loo. Get a hot water bottle and some peppermint tea (which is good forthe digestion) and veg out on the sofa...but dont eat!!! Not only will it make your bug worse, but you will feel terribly guilty. A few more hours and it will be bedtime, tomorrow is another day. You CAN get through this, and when you do, look back and be sooooo proud of you xx


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Don't give in Lily, you're a strong girl. Look at all the advise you give others! You need to keep your mind off it. Get a book out, put music on.

Play the arcade games on this site! They're brill and time flies!!!

Come on Lily hun, you can do it. Just a blip don't give up!


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Thanks. :) :grouphugg:

I think I'm mostly over the effects of the bug - yesterday was the run to the loo day. :rolleyes: It's just it obviously left me more drained (oooh, no pun intended ;)) than I realised - so that walk in the Siberian wind left me feeling terrible!

I feel better already for just ranting. I was sobbing as I wrote the first post, LOL - God, how stupid to let not eating get to me that way! - but maybe I needed a good weep too.

Funny things, we humans...


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I've been feeling that day since day ! LOL. Today I caved in and had some chicken but sitting here now desperate to eat something. Hang on in there. I'm sat here gritting my teeth, trying to stop the pangs!! LOL



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STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN WOMAN. GO HAVE A BATH OR WATCH SOME RUBBISH ON TV. Better still, keep your fingers busy by staying on here.

Sorry you are feeling naff and hope you feel better soon.

Here, catch a load of these babies


Charlie xx


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Glad you're feeling brighter now Lily, hopefully you'll be soon fully better


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C'mon lily!!
Sorry you're unwell but keep your ass out of the kitchen!
It'll make u feel worse!
Hugs xx


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Hi Lily

There is certainly a bug around, I get to hear about it in my job.

Hope you are over the worst, day 7 has been a tough day for me in the past but magically everything turns a corner on day 8, honestly.

I am getting hunger pangs (day 4) so sticking to TV and minimins, bath and maybe an early night.

It will all improve, this weather doesn't help x