Struggling - day 2 - need help!!


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Hi all,

Day 2 starts today with a positive frame of mind. Drinking loads of black coffee water. Yesterday, day 1 was horrendous. I really struggled. But I want to visualise myself 5 stone lighter at least, so that's what's keeping me going. I would love to hear anyone's weight losses so far & what ur average weekly weight loses are. I really need all the encouragement I can get. My size & mood is really getting me down today. Sorry for all the moaning

Julie x
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Hi Julie,
I'm on day 2 too as I took December off!!!
I have about 6 stone to lose and I know it seems so much but I managed almost 2 stone in November and that was not even sticking to 100%.
This time round I am planning to stay 100% for at least 5-6 weeks then start introducing other stuff. I get bored very easily and really struggle with only 3 flavours I like, and 1 of them not so much.
Stick with it, I know the first 4-5 days are hard but you should have an amazing weigh in at the end of the first week if you can stay 100%.
It does boost your feelings to shift almost a stone in just a week.
Good luck and keep strong
x x x


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Hi Julie,
I started I'm nov with 5 stone to lose and in six weeks I had lost 2st 9lbs. I took a break over Christmas but am back 100% now. It's tough but the results are really fast. I'm hoping to be below 15 st this sat at weigh in. My first 4 weeks I lost 27lbs and the weekly loss then motivated me for the next week. Stick with it, the early days are the toughest but the sense of pride and achievement when you step on the scales make it worthwhile. I have done every diet in the book but this is the one that's working for me. Good luck.


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stay strong hun, after three or five days ketosis will kick in and it will be a lot easier, keeping my fingers crossed and remember to keep posting here it reallly helps :D


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Go for it - it's hard at first but it soon becomes easier - Remember it is for you - no one else so don't let anyone change your determination or resolve.


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U can do it, take one day at a time. It's so hard but ten times more worth it. U will reach your goal a lot quicker n train yourself about healthy eating wen u come off it for long term maintenance.
Go for it, n post, post, post on here for support n motivation, we are all here for each other n without this forum it is too hard to do LT.


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Thank u everyone for all your words of encouragement. I will be on this site all the time when I get the hang of it. We will help each other xx