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STRUGGLING...help.9 weeks in ..3st lost

Hi guys...now on week 9 and 3 stone lighter...which is fantastic, but im struggling so badly at the moment...i know if i can carry on ss till christmas then start maintanence i will be there, but anything and everything looks edible...even fish eyes ...no im only joking there...urghhhhhhhh...i must stay on track but being off work for the last 2 n half weeks and 2 more to go doesnt help..my injury is slowly healing and i guess at the end of the day i have been bored...but i just cant give in...help please guys..thanks..x
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Its always harder when you are stuck at home, but you have done fantastically so keep it up. There is only around 5 weeks to go till Christmas, and just think how great it will be if you are ready to go on maintenance.
was wondering what would happen guys if i swopped one of my sachets each day, say porridge for breakfast one day, perhaps a chicken salad the next then on day 3 stir fry veg and a small amount of chicken..will it muck up being in ketosis...i know im pushing my luck a bit here..any suggestions please..........


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Have you tried SS+ or 810? Both great plans when the going gets tough.

I can't see what you are on at the moment. 3 or 4 shakes?


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Thanks Lou Lou. Yes, I remember having 'bad' days where it was hard to stick to the plan, then the next day it would be easy. Up/down/up/down :D worth sticking with though.

It's not safe to swap as shake for a meal (taking you to 2 CDs) unless you are on a much higher plan, but 810 or SS+ would really help imo.

Hang in there. Go do something very nice for you while your head gets over this. Remember that wanting food when you are on Cambridge and getting all you need, is just a mind game. There's nothing wrong with wanting it. The problem comes if you have it.

If doing something else doesn't appeal with you bad foot, try a higher plan and you'll still be on course...not letting yourself down, just doing the right thing for you at the moment, rather than doing something else you might regret tomorrow.
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Wow 3 stone thats amazing hun, stick at it you are doing so well!!


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Hi LouLou -- Three stone off so fast. That is amazing. I think KD is giving you very sound advice; why don't you ask your Counsellor about the 810 plan.

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cant see how close to goal you are but if your struggling then moving up the plans could be just what your body needs ( especially if you have an injury ) weight loss on ss+ is similar to ss anyway and 810 is an average of 12lb loss per month

and if your trying to fight the naughty voices in your head telling you to eat then pop on here and chat to us nutters on the daily thread!


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KD's advice is spot on... I have lost almost 3 stone also, and regularly have a chicken salad or tuna, at least 3-4 times a week. I find it doesnt effect my weight loss, I still average about 4lb a week, and helps with digestion. But the biggest advantage is I know I can deal with food, and not crave it. Also it means I can deal with eating out etc, and gives me confidence to know eating wont ruin anything, in fact it makes it better!
SS+ is the way to go, even if its just for a few days in the week. Its got to be worth a try, its a better idea than risk ruining the fantastic work you have already done!
Stick with it, you can get through this!

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