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Struggling LighterLifer's

:break_diet:Well I thought I would start this thread for all the LL's who aren't doing so well. I find that when I lapse I dont always want to post on all those lovely positive posts, cause I dont wanna spoil everyones enthusiasm.

Yes Yes I know all my lovely colleagues on here dont mind if I do, but it must be a human nature thing that you just dont wanna spoil a good thing.

If there is anyone out there who is struggling badly, or fallen off and want help getting back on (dont give up write on here) and we can struggle together and I am sure all the others will help.

Here goes my confessions, AGAIN. Well as you can guess not been doing the diet at all, dont know what happened can give you every excuse under the sun, holiday, birthday, ill, but at the end of the day been struggling, hiding away and everything else. Now started to put on weight (7lbs already and am frightened to death).

Well yesterday I made a real concious decision to get back on the wagon. I didnt quite make it, but you know folks, I was 75% better than I have been lately. I am gonna try again today and hopefully will improve on my efforts of yesterday. I have plucked up the courage and phoned my Counsellor, not been for 3 weeks, a/p so waiting for her call.

My family have been very supportive but are very sad I fell off and are doing their upmost to help me get back on as they know how I feel when I go back into compulsive eating mode.

Well its off my chest now and I defo feel better.

Thanks for listening.

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You have doen the right thing Lady! The key to success is to be HONEST! You are doing just that, you have admitted it and WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! SO WELL DONE! :)

You have done it before and you know you can do it again! Hey at least you haven't given up and want to go back to your LL diet properly! Well done, you will do it Lady,

We are all here to support you, at the end of the day we are all human!

You ahven't been well lately as well and that doesnt help! 7lbs gian isn't a lot u know, that can go with 1-2 weeks, aim for that goal first then carry on with the LL diet as if you never lapse in the 1st place, i promise u, u will start feeling yourself again.

Have FAITH in yourself, cos we all have faith in you Lady.

:) xx
Thank you SS much appreciated.

I am glad you are getting on well with RTM. I wondered if I would of been better doing that before I went totally off the rails. I think one of the reasons I started lapsing was because I felt so good about myself.

The shock of putting on 7lbs has bought me down to earth, so perhaps I should look at it as a positive thing.

Deb G

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Well done you - what a lovely, honest post.

Every day is a new day, and the first one in the rest of your life - so even if you don't make it 100% one day, see the next day as the one where you WILL do it! Once yo're on the wagon again you'll be fine - but its hard when you get into that negative cycle.

Keep your chin up, climb back on board, and we'll all help ya!
Thanks Debs,

How is the riding going have you done many events recently?

Deb G

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S: 13st10lb C: 13st7lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.56%)
Oh yes - we're doing very well indeed!

Did the 40km at Durham Valleys at the end of March and got a grade 2 (was our first 40km and I didn't think he was that fit, so to get such a high grade was amazing!) and then did a 30km in our fastest speed yet at the weekend and got silver!

I'm chuffed to bits as its so early on in the season - we weren't doing this well at the end of last year! Just goes to show what a difference 6 stone makes to him AND me!!! His heart rates (whcih influence the grade) are so much lower this year - but then again, he's not carrying so much, so he's not having to put in so much effort, so his heart is not having to work overtime like before!!

He's being a really good lad and really enjoying his competitions. He really is a superstar and I love him to bits!! Riding tonight and got our next competition next weekend - our first 50km!!!! Its all on a beach, so nice and flat (if a little boring) so we should do ok!! We're aiming for our 'Bronze Thistle Final Award' that day - so fingers crossed!!!
Oh Debs really well done it sounds quite exciting. I bet your heart rate has gone down too:D.

Give him a sugar lump from me (or perhaps a carrot might be better).;)

I had a go on our big horse 2 weekends ago, I was a bit tiddly at the time (oops sorry), but was amazed that I could still do rising trot so easily. May go hacking next Monday with my friend who has two dobbins, just what I need to get started again.


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Lady it's great to have you back on board, so glad for you that you've decided to give it another go.

Don't you be disappointed with 75%, 75% is 75% better than not doing it at all! Also to only put on 7lb is excellent, that just shows that you have been sensible compared to what you could have been.

Best of luck xxx


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Hey Lady, glad you've started this thread - didn't really want to post this in the hour x hour.

I am beginning to think that I am posting that I love this diet one day and loathe it the next - guess I am just fickle?

Guess I am feeling the way I do currently as I am so close to RtM (2 weeks away this Friday), but over the past couple of nights I have been hungry - I know I am not confusing hunger for thirst, as am drinking and am still hungry half an hour later. I really, REALLY want to eat something, and I don't care what - and that scares me as I don't want to return to old habits. I am really proud of myself because I have managed to resist temptation, but not sure how long this will last.

I know that the course I am on at work is starting to get to me, none of us are getting it, and as a result we all are getting stressed out big time. I know stress is one of my triggers, and getting my usual cardiac problems today (which I only get when I am very stressed and led me to being off work for 6 months last year) causes me some concern.

I have today, started looking for another job, but my confidence is low, so who knows what will happen with that?

Sorry if I seem a little melancholy, I wasn't even going to post anything today, until I saw this thread!! Thanks Lady
Sorry you have had to join the thread Corey, but at least it is somewhere you can let of steam and let your naughty side out.

I know how not enjoying you job is stressful, but you are doing something positive by looking for another one.

Try and keep positive with LL you only have 2 weeks left so dont blow it if you can hold on.

I think we all get down especially when we have done so well, we let our guard down and the little demons start creeping in and then we get so confused because we are not used to failing, which is what it feels like. Before I started I failed on a regular basis, but then after starting LL was soooooo good I was on cloud 9. Think it is something we have to get our head round.

Hope writing on here helps, just let it all out, as the others have said honesty is the best policy.

On another note a bit worried that my LLC has not rung me back. I rang her office and her mobile this morning and left 2 messages. Wonder if I will not be allow back. - oh dear.


longs to be average!
S: 18st11lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st9lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.04%)
Hi Lady - thanks for the reply. Hope you get a call back from your LLC soon. See no reason why she won't let you back!

OH is eating a home made curry at the moment (why he is eating it with toast and not rice is a little beyond me) and boy do I want some of it. His cooking usually isn't the best, but everything he has cooked over the past few weeks smells devine (looks awful, but oh the smell!!!)

I just hope I have the strength to go through the whole RtM program? I am worried that once I have something to eat, that'll be it. Although I have no intention of going back to my poor eating habits, I am worried that I will be eating curries etc before I am supposed to be. Only time will tell I guess.
Hi there

misery guts here lol.I have had two days of excruciating agony with my back,but managed to stick to the abstinence .Went to the chiropractor today and she is really cross with me says if i don't do evrything she says i will be in big trouble,but how can you live your life not being able to bend from the waist,lift anything,sitting on a dining room chair all the time,not being allowed to sit for more than twenty minutes at a stretch,ice on my back every two hours,its just so impractical!!!Tomorrow i have to drive to leeds for an urgent x-ray and i have my grandaughter for the day,soooo i nibbled the dogs chicken tonightAAAAAAAAAAArgh.

Now i am drinking my fourth litre of water and the urge has passed again but if only i could just go for a walk or paint a wall,i could dodge these bad moments.i still feel focused on the diet i just want a cuddle !!!!


longs to be average!
S: 18st11lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st9lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.04%)
:hug99: Sending a BIG hug your way Cookey. Feel better soon honey.
:cry: thankyou that feels better
:grouphugg:Sending you a group hug Cookey, hope you feel better soon.

Have you tried knitting - LOL - sorry;)
Hello, just a quickie as I'm new. Glad I found this thread as looking for inspiration on what to do when you have a bad day. I'm in week 9 of Foundation and had my first proper lapse today when I was making cakes with my kids. Doh! Why was I making cakes at all? Anyway, I've chosen to learn from it and pick myself up rather than dwell too much - that type of cooking is unnecessary for me and I will stay well away from it in future. I look forward to meeting everyone on here, and sharing the successes as well as the inevitable little blips. I have lost over 3 stone, and life is already changing beyond recognition.
TC x

Blonde Logic

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Oooo, sending you a great big cozy fuzzy warm bear hug!! You feel better misses - it's horrible pain - but do try and do as much as they reccomend - and I hope soon you find relief!!

Thinking of y ou and sending you lots of virtual hugs and cuddles. XX
Well its confession time again, wasnt so good yesterday, dont know why. Was a bit put out that my LLC hasnt contacted me, feel a bit rejected and alone. Well I found a number for one of the old members whom I will ring, perhaps my LLC is on holiday.

Do they throw you out if you miss some weeks without calling?

We today is another day and already up on the water so gonna try again.


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My LLC doesn't Lady, we often have people go missing a few weeks and then come back, I know she speaks to them as she often tells us that they are coming.

Hope she gets in touch with you soon.
Hi there Ladylite, I'm glad you started this thread, like you said its difficult to talk about lapses when others are doing so well in abstinence.......

My LLC doesn't phone, sometimes sends a letter after a month suggesting coming back to her Strugglers/Restart class, had a letter yesterday, thinking about going back on Monday as I've been going it alone since Feb and not doing so well, haven't gained but haven't lost anything either, mainly due to the odd abstinent days here and there. Keep trying your LLC sure she'll be happy to hear from you, kids are off this week so she might be on her hols.

I can definitely understand your struggle. I just wish they could bottle the initial 100 days feeling because it was in development that I lost my way...... Still I know LL is the way and if we can just put a few days together we'll be back 'in the zone'

Hope today is good to you. xx

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