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Struggling not to binge

It's weigh day tomorrow and I am so struggling not to binge.
Just jumped on my home scales and they have not budged at all!
I have stuck to the plan for 6 days 100% am so fed up now. just defrosted a scone and had it with clover (12 syns gone)
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Aww hunny, me too!

This is the second week i'v been on plan 100% to lose weight since getting to target.. as trying to shift some lbs for xmas.

iv resisted the urge to get on the scales so far, but stoopid OH bought me a snickers ice-cream which is one of my faves :( its in the freezer and had forgot about it till now, but i reallllly want it! Iv opend some diet coke to give me a distraction, but boooo.. i hate the day b4 weigh in, and im so nervous.. its the first week for 2/ 2.5 months since iv gone with the intention to lose! x
it's so frustrating. It's the fact that I know I haven't cheated and have stuck to it 100%.
I wanted a decent loss this week as I'm on a 4 day hen weekend from friday and that way I figured if I gained a little it wouldn't matter, but now I'm going to have no lee-way at all!
Aww hun. I know how that feels, that's why i want 7lb off for xmas, to gain it back over xmas and jan and get back on plan 100% to get me back up to target after. I want that leway.

*husg* dont lose all hope, iv often had misleading sneaky wi's, showing massive losses that arnt right, and gains that arent real etc. thats why i NEVER (no matter how bad the temptation) weigh outside of class anymore, unless on boots scales for dire emergancy.. Don't dispare, wait till tomorrw's Wi..

AND if you binge tonight, thats even more less le-way over the weekend.. x
I am down and thinking of stuffing stuff in my gob too! It's my wi tomorrow.

But don't do it. Don't! It won't make you feel better. It will still be extra syns and extra calories and extra fat. If you eat more, you will have less syns to play with on your hen weekend (and I understand that one, having been to a few in recent months!). It's hard enough to manage syns anyway, never mind on events like that!

Sneaky WIs are rarely reliable and usually disappoint, often leading to bad moods and more temptation. I am guilty of doing them too even though I totally know they shouldn't.

Til you officially WI, you don't know!
Agreed, be strong hunny. lets do it together.. i havnt touched that snickers icecream in the freezer.. im being good. Damn it i will lose wieght this week and so will u! x
Think us Weds WI are all feeling a little like this today. I have my monthly (a week early, unexpected) and I'm so scared about tomorrows WI as not sure what to expect even though I've stuck to plan 100% so much so that when craving cake today I told myself "It's only me I'm letting down by giving in and having that cake" but I no longer want to let myself down, I want to feel positive about myself. Felt a bit better after hubby said I could buy new furnishings for the livingroom, shopping is my weakness and now I feel satisfied without having that piece of naughtyness and a little lighter in the bank but looking forward to him finishing the livingroom tomorrow or Thursday
i had an activa ff yogurt and i hifi with a cuppa. sort of filled a hole. may treat myself tomorrow night if i loose!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well done for resisting! The moral of the story is..... DON'T weigh yourself at home! The only scales that matter are the class ones! You can vary up to 4lbs a day! Don't sabotage yourself!


Strutting her stuff
Take a hammer to the scales and chuck them in the bin. By having your sneakypeak all you're doing is sabotaging yourself and messing with your mind. If the scales show a loss then you may subconsciously relax and not follow the plan to the letter. if they show a gain or sts then it brings you down and can lead to binging (as you've found)
The others are right...stop weighing yourself before your official weigh in day!!
This is what happens when you do! You will only feel more and more disappointed and then end up binging on rubbish.

Dont do it!
i always weigh on my digital scales as that is what i used before I re-joined SW
so my stats are based on my scales not the SW ones
Oh it's sods law isn't it - I ALWAYS get the munchies and the need to binge the day before WI! Drink lots of water and do resist and regardless of what your home scales say, you will feel happier at WI ;)

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