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Struggling to drink my water!


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What size bottles are you drinking from? or you drinking from a glass? I drink 500ml and refil from a 2litre from the fridge. I find the 500ml easier to drink and seem to drink it effortlessly as if i had a one litre bottle it would seem like forever drinking it. sam with 750ml at least this way i can keep track so 8 500ml bottles is 4litres hope this helps.

Id say everyone has a diff way but this is what works for me. I really struggled to in the begining in week one i drank 2.5l daily, week 2 drank 3, week 4 drank 3.5litre. and now on 4litre a day but i could drink more if i wanted :)


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This little piggy goes wee wee wee all the way home!

Me too,,, I seriously struggle to drink the water......
have bought a big jar of decaffeinated coffee and just keep on drinking that.
Water to me, (unless i am really thirsty) takes some shifting to get down. Specially the amount we need to drink.

And the amount that I do drink makes me feel like the little piggy who goes wee wee wee all the way home! How do others cope????
i find the 500ml with sports cap so much easier to consume i drink about 5 litres a day as i work 12 hour shifts it keeps me going , i call my water bottles my security blanket lol ;)


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At work I take 2 x 2ltr bottles and use a large glass which I top up - I can't refill a bottle at work I'd ending up probably spilling!!!

At home I've got a 1ltr bottle at home that I refill from the tap - this seems the easiest as it's only 4 refills but still, I can't seem to get the last one in and I HATE drinking late at night cause then I have to get up in the night for the loo and I'm not good on broken sleep!!!!!



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Just keep a 1 or 2ltr bottle next to you all the time, and fill it up when ever its empty...


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I struggle so much with the water drinking, but am hoping I will manage better once I can have the flavours. at the mo, im only managing 2 1/4-3 litres per day
I find I have managed better since using water at room temperature. Iced cold water is hard for me to get down at the mo.
God, I retch when drinking thr water, it's awful. I seldom manage two litres even. I have to hold my nose and just glug then put up with about two minutes of retching haha!! However, my CDC who is also a RGN tells me how vital the water is, it is as important as cutting things out. She says it's as important as the shake!! Still bloomin grim!!
I have good and bad days, I actaully reached 4 litres on Thursday. I used to drink 4-5 litres a day last time, but I just cannot manage it anymore, even with the flavouring


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I only make myself drink 3 Ltr. I actually enjoy drinking this much. Anymore and I would have to buy tena pants!!!! (I am a childless 30yr old)
I only make myself drink 3 Ltr. I actually enjoy drinking this much. Anymore and I would have to buy tena pants!!!! (I am a childless 30yr old)

LOL me too, well I am thirty in April. No desire to reproduce at all LOL! I find the water intake more stressful than the food abstinence!!!
I can not believe anyone can drink more than two litres and not lose the will to live LOL!! It is GRIM, awful stuff!! I can't do black tea so I have to have a dribble of skimmed milk which I know won't help with the ketosis! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!


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Have you tried drinking through a straw?
Kitteh suggested it a while ago and it definitely works for me!
I'm usually a little naughty though and add sugar-free squash. Not recommended for SS but for me it doesn't affect ketosis.

Oh right, i suppose a tiny dribble of sugar free squash won't kill it all too much. Better a diddy dribble and drink lots more water than no squash and not enough water!!! Does anyone else use a diddy bit of sugar free squash on SS?
I use a straw most of the time, I drink room temp water too, I take small bottles in the car and challenge myself to have one, then another etc. My biggest concern is that it is easy to forget to drink and often land up doing a marathon at night with the obvious consequences. I add more water to my shakes and use the flavourings too. I have once only reached over 4 litres and most days feel really chuffed with myself if I reach three. I guess it is what you are used to drinking in your normal day and then up the ante gradually. I feel sure I would have a speedier weight loss if I could increase it a bit more but my system isn't ready for the onslaught yet.

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