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Struggling to eat 3 packs a Day!!...Help!!

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Hi All!

I need some help and advice please! I'm now on Day 11 of TS and up until day 9 apart from an upset tummy was doing ok!

Until the last few days that is!.....I'm really pleased that I'm no longer feeling hungry but my problem is that I'm not able to finish 3 Packs a Day and am now worried and not too sure what to do!

I usually have a milkshake in the morning then don't feel the need to eat anything till late afternoon! I have been struggling to eat the Exante bars at lunch as I don’t feel hungry so I’m now forcing myself to have it in small pieces through the afternoon! Which works but I don't like the fact that I have to force myself to eat it.

On top of this I'm not able to finish a whole soup in the evening again as I’m not feeling hungry and now even the smell of the soups make me feel a lil queasy!! Last night I had around 3 spoonfuls of the soup before it went down the drain And so far today I’ve had a Milkshake and half a Exante Bar and its nearly 6pm and I’m not even close to feeling hungry!! If I rewind a week and I was absolutely fine...I loved the Shakes, Bars, and Soup 3 times a day!

I'm really not too sure what to do!!! Any Help and suggestions would be much appreciated!!

Dev (",)
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Youre making one fundamental mistake here, youre thinking of Exante like a normal diet.... its not!

On a 'normal' diet you eat when your body tells you youre hungry.... when youre in ketosis you wont for the most part feel hungry so YOU CANNOT do the whole 'eat when youre hungry' thing. If that was the case Id be having one pack every 3 days

You need to get into the habit of having them all 3 of them EVERY day. Stop looking at them as food, look at them as medicine or fuel. A VLCD isnt like any other diet, normal rules dont apply to them.

No matter how 'unhungry' you feel you absolutely must have all 3 packs. If not youre not going to get the nutrients you need and youll make yourself ill


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AGREE, with Starlight - its fuel. Not food in the same sense. The lack of hunger is the added bonus.
You will become unwell if you don't have all three every day. Why not skip bars and go for three shakes for a while? Just see them as topping up your tank or as a drug, to be taken three times a day for magic results.
And lots of water



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It's funny I thought I was going mad, I'm on day six and got to 5 pm and thought omg I don't feel hungry and haven't eaten since 7am and I still didn't feel like eating!!!! After reading the advice on this post I think of the pack so differently thanks.xx (this is why I love this site)

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