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Struggling to get it down ya....

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Now.......i never thought id be saying this.......im not sure if its the heartbreak or what but.......im REALLY struggling to drink the shakes or eat the porridge. My stomach literally turns....but they are nice so ive no idea whats going on!

Has anyone else found this? I have no desire to eat anything else either.........im baffled.....i wouldnt have to be on the diet if i didnt normally love eating! I suppose i should be happy but its worrying me a little!

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I have often had days where I just don't want to eat anything on this diet. It might be a side effect of ketosis, as your body is almost fooled into thinking it has enough calories and you don't need to eat? I'm not sure.

You need to make sure you take your packs though - regardless of what your body is saying, you do need the calories and you certainly need the nutrition. For days I have problems eating, I make cold shakes then pinch my nose at the bridge and throw them back so I don't taste them. Almost like medicine! :)


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Hiya Hon,
I was like that last time around so I live off the tetra bricks. I like the choc one topped up with hot water to make hot choc. The banana and strawberry ones are fine 2. Also they aren't 2 big 2 get down but still feel full. You need to get them down you though to ensure u get daily vitamins xx
That's right, you have to take your packs, every day. I agree that it is almost certainly ketosis that has quieted your hunger and cravings. Make the most of it!
G: 9st3lb
Thats a good point actually.......the tetra last night I didnt have any problem with! Ill have tetras and then bars when I can have them after two weeks.

Nice to know its just me, i was thinking what an earth!! lol. I did pour the rest of my morning shake away ill be honest, but ill try doing it in two parts until i get to get more tetras.

Pandora....ive just noticed both your name and your losses.....your losses omg well doneeee!!!xxx
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Thanks Daisy! :) You'll be on your way to your own mega losses soon enough!
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Ya, there are days when I don't want to eat/drink anything.
Even last night I was only about a half way through my shake and I thought I was going to throw up if I had another sip. But I forced myself to finish it, albeit very slowly. It's the only source of nutrition we get ... Need to make the most of it. :)
G: 9st3lb
Ive changed all my shakes to tetras now! So i should be fine.....thank you all though. Feeling a bit sicky today....eeeee. I remember day 4 and 5 being the hardest last time too. I think i must take longer with the withdrawel process haha!xxx
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i totally understand how you feel, i defo cant stomach the porridge it just too much and makes me gag just the taste and consistancy. the shakes are the only thing i can stomach as its cold and i can throw it down like medicine too.

i was gutted too but i may just have to stick to the shakes and go with them, the soups im not too keen on either :(


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I found I had the same thing loved the shakes to start with now hate them however I found they tasted to sweet. Try the Cappacino one with additional coffee in and also try the soups they help me a lot :) Good Luck

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