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Struggling to keep motivated

I did really well last year and lost three stone, which was my initial target. Then i had christmas and came completely off the diet and now here i am nearing the end of february and i am still struggling to get back to dieting properly.
I seem to manage a few days and then keep falling off the wagon. So has anyone any clues for staying motivated for the last few pounds?
I think a lot of my problem is that i now look OK and get the comments about how good i'm looking. Then i see myself naked and think i still need to loose about half a stone, and generally tone up. I flip from being really happy with how i look to thinking i need to loose a lot more weight.
I get really frustrated as i am only a couple of pounds off having a healthy bmi. I just need to maintain my willpower for long enough instead of thinking 'oh, i look alright now, i will diet next week, when the weather gets warmer, etc.'. I am determined to get thin for summer. Why is this last bit so hard?
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i know how you feel especially when youre only half a stone away for example. well you have to make that decision as i felt that way as was half a stone away - well im now a stone away. Dont know how to motivate you but thought i would post anyway. Good luck. As youre only a few pounds away, maybe its not the food and as you say you wanna tone so how about just doing that - toning and maybe the pounds will drop off themselves? just a thought.
good luck
s x
Hey hun, I have exactly the same problem as you, although I am about 7lbs from healthy BMI so not quite where you are (I was, but I keep fluctuating up and down). The thing I have noticed that has helped me over the past couple of weeks is exercise. I have been going to the gym (or swimming/aquafit) 3-4 times per week, and doing plenty of toning work, and it does make such a difference. Although it doesn't get rid of the fat, hence why I'm dieting too.

I think judging by where you are now, if you start regularly exercising (cal-burning exercises like swimming, cross-trainer, rowing etc) and doing some toning work with weights and sit-ups/pilates, you will find that the last few lbs become less important as your body looks like you have lost the weight (even if it doesn't show on the scales).

I think the less you have to lose, the more difference a bit of exercise can make to the way you look xxx


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I know what you mean.. I'm in the same boat, I feel my clothes size etc are fine, but I'm about half a stone off a healthy BMI, etc etc... But at the end of the day, I'm sticking to my diet because I know the feeling at the end of it is worth it. It is difficult to focus because the last few steps are always the hardest but they do need to be taken. I came back to dieting because I NEED that sense of completion. If you don't finish what you started you will never feel like you finished which in the long term actually will probably only damage your self-esteem and taint your achievements. There will always be a "I could have ... I should have..." ... let's eliminate those coulda's, shoulda's before they take over eh? :) :D :) The sooner the better.
I suggest make a little plan for yourself, buy a calendar and divide your days into sections. Actually plan your meals, and possible exercise you intend to do. Put it in a visible place, make sure to tick it off as you go along. After about a week or so you'll feel like you're in a pattern of this schedule. It's good for your self esteem and self-morale!

Good luck!


Carpe diem, baby!
Why is this last bit so hard?
I don't really know but that last stone for most can be the killer...it seems the body just wants to keep hold of it no matter what...I have been trying for ages to get down to nine stone (half a stone from where I am now) and although I haven't given up I am just chilling about it now...when it goes it goes...

Motivation is a hard thing, some people have the determination and grit to see things through no matter what, some find it harder. I know many folks who have found the holiday period hard and are just getting back into the weight loss and healthy eating now...also if you have been dieting for quite some time, you are probably bored, disheartened and aching to just get back to some semblance of normality again so it psychological as well as physical or physiological...

All I can say is think of how you will feel and look at goal and go for it...don't be hard on yourself if it takes some time, you may have genuinely reached a plateau...think of how you felt when you were bigger and compare that with now and maybe that will create some forward momentum...

Good luck and way to go, you've done so well!!!


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What exactly is it that you're struggling with?
Is it that you're bored of the food you're eating, fed up with counting everything, or are you hungry?
maybe if you tweak your diet so you're trying new things, and make sure you're eating enough to stop you being hungry things will get easier.
I can't do calorie counting for those reasons, I get bored of eating the same few things and get fed up of being hungry all the time, so I can't maintain, which is after all the important thing.
If you got into an exercise routine you could afford to eat a bit more which might make things less difficult?
I'm trying Slimming World after a few years away from dieting and much prefer it, there seems more variety and I don't get hungry*.
Another problem I had with calorie/point counting was that I would eat as little as possible to leave room for a Milky Way or a bag of Quavers, whereas with SW it all fits in with the plan which encourages you to eat pretty well - might be worth a try?

*I do GET hungry, i just don't have to stay that way or lie in bed unable to sleep cos I'm starving!


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PS also please don't get too hung up on BMI, you don't magically become "healthy" by fitting into a certain category - you need to eat well and be active to be healthy. I'm a nurse and I see obese and underweight people every day who are MUCH healthier than some in the supposedly "healthy" category!
I've just had a really good week and have managed to loose three pounds :D. I have decided to have a really big push on the diet for March, which means i should definately reach my next target and possibly even go slightly lower.
I am finding it good to have a date in mind so that when i get hungry i can tell myself i am only doing this for the next month. After that i will concentrate on exercise and have a few small treats in my diet. If i manage to be good till easter my husband is going to buy me a box of my favourite chocolates.
Crooked thinking - i'm thinking!

Why is he buying you the chocolates? Sabotage? Does he want to keep you plump?
Why do you want the chocolates? Do you want to undo all your hard work?
Couldn't he buy you some pretty underwear or take you out somewhere special or treat you in a way that isn't food related?
If you go down that route you will yo yo -
Slendablenda - He's buying me chocolates because i asked him to :). I am on a restricted diet already ( i have gluten, dairy and egg intolerances) so this is a real treat for me.
I don't want to have foods i have to avoid. A lot of my calorie counting has been about learning to still eat the same foods but with controlled portions and snacks. I have eaten chocolate, crisps and had alcohol all through my diet. It has taught me self control so that when i go to maintenance i can continue in the same manner.
The chocolates will be eaten gradually, not all gone in one session and will be thoroughly enjoyed. I am trying to get a good relationship with food so that i can still have the things i like.
good for you Rachel

Thanks for explaining. sorry - didn't mean to sound bossy, but i am very good at it!!!! xxx
i'm finding it difficalt to diet too, I want to loose 9 pounds to tone up a bit, I have been yoyoing, actually with the gym and the diet anyway, I have been on a healthy eating plan and going to the gym since january now and I'm back to my lowest weight on a diet, last time it was a plateau and I gave up but this time I will stick with it, also I am hoping to maintain the weight this time, ive learnt that everything is ok in moderation.
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Gosh, it was great reading all these comments. Lost weight no hassle last year, but since Christmas going nowhere - only have about 7lbs to get a healthy BMI and am really annoyed with myself. I find that I do very well during the week days and wipe out my good efforts at the weekends. I must really motivate myself to do something about that!


...we're sinking deeper.
Spiller's -
Weekend badness is nothing to worry about ;) To be honest I've adopted the 80/20 type of life, be "good" most of the time, but have a day off one day a week where you "allow" yourself those treats! Keeps life interesting and unrestricted, at least in my opinion. :)


Carpe diem, baby!
Spiller's -
Weekend badness is nothing to worry about ;) To be honest I've adopted the 80/20 type of life, be "good" most of the time, but have a day off one day a week where you "allow" yourself those treats! Keeps life interesting and unrestricted, at least in my opinion. :)
Agreed, I have my free meals at the weekend, not an excuse to binge or anything, just allowed what I want...and I enjoy it!

I myself learned to stay motivated some time ago. I think it is a skill, and you can learn it. There are lots of motivational books out there, I still have a few on my desk.

To me, when I feel like I am not motivated enough for something, I just read those, or talk to some of my friends - helps a lot!

Also, you can get some great motivation here in the forum ;)

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