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Struggling to shift the lbs!

Hi everyone :)
I'm looking for some advice as I'm really struggling on the propoints plan at the moment.

I've been doing the plan for 33 weeks now and have only lost 1st 8lbs so far. I admit in that time I have had some ups and downs with sticking to the diet, which explains why the loss is small for the amount of time.

However, in the last month or so I have stuck solidly to my 29pp a day and my weight hasn't budged. Last week I even managed to put on 1lb when I've been exercising and eating the right amount of points.

I have been reading about it on this forum and on the ww forum and have seen some people saying that you should eat your weekly propoints as well? I only use some of them occassionally but was wondering if I should try eating them to see if it helps?
Any advice would be great as I'm getting frustrated and losing my motivation :(

Thank you xx
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Hi, well done on your loss so far.

I eat all my daily's and weekly's but not my activity points and I'm losing 1 to 2lb per week. I've weighed this morning, not updated my tracker yet but lost another 2, I even shared an Indian curry with rice and a bottle of wine last night and still lost.

Why don't you experiment, eat your daily's and half your weekly's, see if that helps.

The way I work my points as well is I weigh on Friday morn, use all my weekly's Friday to Sunday and stick to daily's Monday to Thursday.

Good luck x

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Ah okay! That's a good idea, my weigh day at the moment is a Monday so I might change it to a Friday morning as I've just got the online account and tracker :)

I think I will do what you suggested and eat half my weekly points, then if it helps, see if I can get away with eating my whole weekly points ;)

Thanks Galifreyan x
Ur welcome, Friday is the best weigh day. You can be naughty at the weekend then recover throughout the week.

If you go to the ww weigh in page I've got a group going with Friday weighers if you'd like to join us, we've already had a few others swap to Friday's this week.

Good luck x

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I always eat all my dailies and weeklies and I always lose unless I have a bad week or have been away. It took me from November last year till June this year to lose 18lb and get to goal but, I have had a lot of weekends away and put on a massive 6 and half lbs over Xmas. So don't worry about your weight loss being slow at least its coming off. If you hadnt have started this diet you probably would be that much heavier by now. Keep going, it will be worth it.
Congrats Leighforty on getting to goal :)
Yeah you're right, at least I've lost some weight, its a great feeling when you realise you can fit into some old clothes or someone comments on how well you look hehe my weight was going up quite rapidly so if i hadn't have lost 1 and a half stone, I probably would've put it on and would be 16 stone by now! x
Why not try using all your weeklies one week, hon, and see how that goes for you? I tend not to use that many of them myself but have heard good things from people who do!
r u eating the same foods every week, maybe try some new foods and mix things up, i have heard that this helps weight loss on pp plan, sarah
M and M, I am using all my weeklies this week, it makes a nice change hehe I usually don't use them unless I am desperate, so it's good to be able to eat more and know that I'm still on track :)

sarah88 Yeah I do eat the same things more or less every week, I don't really like a lot of food and as I am on my own I find it hard to do recipes for 1 so I struggle with that sort of thing.
you could always do a recipe and section it off an put in the freezer for the nxt week would actually save u some money too, i find it hard having to cook for other family cause they r very fussy and wouldnt eat my ww recipies so ina way it could be easier for u as u can eat what u like
Sarah88 is right - freeze some. We have a rule in our house - is making something like chilli, curry, stew, etc, then you make 1 for the tummy, 1 for the fridge and 1 for the freezer.

Is the exercise new? I find it stalls weight the first week or two then you get the benefit after.

Good luck!

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