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struggling when alone :(


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Try not to get too down about it - you'll do it! Your little one is obviously doing a good job distracting you when she's at home, can you distract yourself with something else when she's at nursery? Going for a walk, or gardening or organising some things? I'm working from home at the mo and it's sooo easy to snack all day, but I'm trying to be out-of-sight-out-of-mind with keeping all food in the kitchen and me upstairs. Fingers crossed.
As the weather gets better could you go for a long walk the exercise is important for wieght loss.

Pop a bannana and appleand orange in a bag and walk. If your not around it you canteat it. When you get peckish you have the fruit.

Best thingis not have anything high in fat or sugar in the house. Easier said than done with children know, but 1 choc bar a week is a treat for them too :)
fill up the hours when ur daughter is out, make excuses to go out, have a long bath, paint ur nails (u cant eat with wet nails lol) join a day class :) anything that distracts u from eating is good


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I really like the paint your nails idea - i never thought of that but it's true, you can't eat with wet nails! Plus you can make painting your nails a long job with all the coats and letting them dry. I have a similar problem except mine is in the evening when the kids are in bed and hubby is out, so i will definitely be doing this - plus i'll look better for it too :)
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hi thetrigos - it's such a simple thing but I only thought of it recently lol theres evening classes etc too if someone could babysit the kids? or if you get an exercise bike or something like that, you could use that while EastEnders is on :D
Cross stitch is another good one, it takes up alot of time.
Small packs are usually on the end of the larger supermarket iles, where the shoelaces, cottons and pins etc are.

£1.99 can get you started:)
hi there, why do you eat everything in sight? are you eating out of boredom or to fill the emptiness felt by being alone? or are you on a very restrictive diet. Eating everything in sight has little to do with hunger. I know this myself. I am an emotion binge eater. I often stuff my face when I'm bored/sad/stressed/lonely etc. And I know it has absoluetly nothin to do with hunger since I never usually expierce the rumbling stomach etc beforehand. Like wise if my diet is too restrictive I go to the opposite extreme where Ill get so hungry my blood sugar will crash and I will overeat (usually on crappy foods) to compensate for this. Since taking up exercise I havnt had this problem, I exercise to vent out emotions and it also suppresses my appetite, i also try to think of food as a fuel I need to repair my body and keep it strong rather than something which makes me feel better. If your feelin lonley go out a walk round the shops or to an exercise class, somethin that will get you out and among people without being stuck inside. Hope this helps x
I agree, either doing my nails, or sewing are brilliant distractions from nibbling, although I'm not doing too well at the moment as when everyone has gone out i'm nibbling the sweets, biscuits and chocolates when I know i shouldn't.

i do also plan my lunch/tea to help distract as if i plan a nice meal, and pudding I feel like i am in control.

Good luck.

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