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Struggling with a decision


Rebel without a calorie
I'm finding that after a bar I'm very bloated. I've tried having them for breakfast and was bloated all day and for lunch and was bloated until bedtime.
I like them and will miss them if I try to cut them out as it feels more like a treat and I find them more filling than the shakes.
I've had a little look at alternative like for like products but don't want to end up hungry!
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is slowly shrinking
i know u say u bloat, but is it not better now than when u eat again, as we have to get used to it sometime.
When we start eating this will happen anyway, won;t it, could be wrong, can;t say i have noticed much, but i am having more shakes as i got the shake bumper last time, and i had a pork salad for tea tonight, skipped lunch as i forgot, how can we forget food, considering we were once obsessed. But i will make up for it later and have a couple of hot choccies then i have had my nutrients.
Sorry i not helped babe.
I know what u mean there. The bars leave me feeling bloated and yuck....sore tummy etc etc. I still have a few left but im leaving them well alone for now. Its good to know they are there if im strugling and want to chew on somthing...but im sticking to soups n shakes for now. Might b worth mentining tho, the slimfast bars are very similar nutrients....fats/carbs etc.....much tastier, and dont leave me bloated. Im not that fussy for the bars just now so im now using them, but it might be worth looking into if you really need an alternative xx


reaching my goal
im not having any problems with the bars i enjoy having them for breckfast fills me up for the morning. Slimfast bars are almost the same but with a powder after taste


reaching my goal
hi lisa , dont eat them if they are causeing your belly to bloat mite be something in the ingrediants . Dont worry you had a blip we all do get back on track tomoz remember your holiday you want to look good for the inlaws xx

You know what? This isn't a race, it isn't even a competition, this is our lives. :mad:

We are all different, we all have good days and bad days, we are all only human, we all react to different foods in different ways.

Do the diet the way it works for you and don't let anyone except your own inner conscience try to tell you what is right or wrong.

Kitty if you're bloating to that extent drop the bars for a bit, maybe for good. There are other brands or other products you can replace them with if you want to. Listen to your body!


Rebel without a calorie
Absolutely right Yam. I haven't had a bar today and am fine so it must be something in them that doesn't agree with me. I've done some homework and am off to get an alternative. I'm craving fish and salad so may have a look for some crayfish tails :)


Rebel without a calorie
I'm not keen on them, they haven't got much taste, think I'd rather have prawns! I can't believe that Tesco don't sell sea bass. I had some of a friend's and it was lovely.
I picked up a couple of boxes of the slimfast bars so will try them tomorow and see what happens.


reaching my goal
they are about 3.98 a box os 3 i think depends were you go !


Still Motivated
Hello lovelies, :D

What I often do is to cut the bar into 4 pieces and consume it over a few hours. I find that this does tend to help eliminate any uncomfortable bloat and annoying wind issues.

Love Myr xxx

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