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Struggling with guilt


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this is my second day doing sw and I have eaten waaayy too much today (please take a look at todays food diary)

i cooked a pasta carbonara for dinner and should have halved it and served it up with veg, but instead i ate the whole lot - there was too much there for one person and now i feel bad about it.

i have stuck to plan and am within my syns (i think) - but because i have eaten too much i feel like i have blown it.

i know for future to make sure i only serve what i need, but really want this diet to work for me!!

anyone else get/been like this?

mel x
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Yes and........

I have to confess too.

I bought a 4 pack of cadburys 1/2 fat chocolate mousse. I'd planned to have only 1 but ended up eating them all :-(

I dread to think the syns, going to look in my mag in a min to see.

As for the carbonara, yes I do the same :D but we both know to make less then the temptation won't be there!

for me, its not about portion size, its how you feel after.

If iv even a mountain of food., but im just nicly full after, i was obviously hungry, and there for , thats fine. If id finished and i was so full i was feeling like a teddy bear, id say, okay fair enough.. iv eaten too much and make a note not to put that much on my plate again. For example, i always eat far too much chilli cos its my fave..

at the end of the day, as long as u dont think its affecting your losses what is the harm? like seriously, who gives to flips if your meals are big? i used to think it was this major thing that i had to learn to eat small portions, unless im making myself ill, which im not.. then seriously.. what is the problem, just cos i like my food?
Just wanted to echo what Fern said - it doesn't matter if the portions are big as long as you're only eating till you're full. I've posted on your diary but you definitely haven't blown it - honestly! Xx


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Try using a smaller plate that way if you want more you can always go back .. if you are still hungry that is.
it depends on whether you want it to feel like a diet.. for me, if i knew i was using a smaller plate on purpose itd be like admitting its a diet and trying to lose weight, .. i dont want to give myself 'special' things, cos what we eat is perfectly normal food, like what normal, non sw'ers eat.. it just that we dont use oil for example.. so why make it feel odd, when its not!

i think its great if you want to tackle portion control, but its incredibly difficult. xx


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I agree with Fern that's the joy of SW - you can go for a night out and no one would ever guess you were 'on a diet' just that you made healthy choices (with treats if you had Syns to spare) Don't be feeling guilty Mel - stay on track and enjoy your food :D


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I had a HUGE bowl of carbonarra tonight too, it was all on plan and i was starving so ate the lot, but im comfortably full that i havent even thought about pudding........ hmm til now....lol I LOVE my food and still have large portions, but of good healthy stuff now, and the weight comes off :)

Am off to look at your diary too
Ok - so you made a low-syn meal and ate more of it than you planned.

What WOULD you have eaten on that day if you hadn't started slimming world yet??

You have to be very watchful of guilt as that is one of the greatest sabateurs you have to fight against. If you keep beating yourself up about sticking to the plan, there might be a little bit of you that'll end up thinking that it's just not worth the effort. Be kind to yourself, and celebrate the good changes that you've made rather than focus on the small slip-ups.

Keep up the good work xx
I do better and lose more weight if I eat nice big portions of free food. If i try and worry about portion size i end up hungry and snacking more.

Sometimes I am embarassed about my portion sizes but most of the time I am just happy I am on SW.

Guilt is more damaging than anything.

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