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and the weekend and habit breaking? During week i only had a couple of hours to worry about as work kept me distracted during day. Weekends i normally binge and have more free time (no kids etc) so i've really struggled today to keep on track. Nearly phoned chipper earlier but instead (after being on here) rang a friend, played some solitare on line etc and managed to stay focussed but have given myself an extra snack but a healthy one to help me stay focussed.

Keep telling yourself it's emotional not real hunger (apparently emotional comes on suddenly while real takes a while to build up) and that you will stay strong (not "can stay strong".. apparently the language makes a difference to drive etc).

Good luck!
Awww hun I know what you mean... but don't do it! I gave into the urge yesterday and have seriously regretted it ever since. I've barely eaten today and done loads of exercise to try and couteract the damage I might have done ...don't give in, it's really not worth it, you're only cheating yourself in the end xx
thanks both of you

I actually ended up having a mini snickers flapjack and at 167cals didn't seem too bad..? anyway it kept from eating anything else last night
That's great! And at least it was a conscious choice rather than just mindless eating :)
I felt like that this week.

For me, it was the weather and being stuck in and not in my normal routine and then it is also TOTM for me, so made it 5 x as bad.

Just keep going xx
weekends are tough as Gg said you have more time on your hands to think about food. I too had a little treat (crusty bread which is a bloater) still within cals but just not one of my 5 a day! I often go for the water - 1 because I hardly drank any before and 2 because most of the time we are dehidrated and not hungry!


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i know the feeling, maybe try drinking squash (double strength no added sugar) is what i use!!!
Chin up and at least you didnt go for the whole packet or go back for something else..

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