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Hiya ladies i need some advice, I have been doing really well with sw so far and not really felt that hungry after meals but this week i seem to be stuggling a bit and am getting more hungry on a night time. Is there anything you can suggest which might help please???

Minzi xxx
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If you're hungry, have a big glass of water! If you're still hungry, go and distract yourself for 1/2 hour!! If you're still hungry (you've established it's not thirst or boredom) just eat something!! Preferably superfree (fruit or veg) but something like a yogurt or a small omlette may do the trick, or a bowl of cereal if you can afford HEXs or syns!X
Hey, im new here and new to slimming world! literally started yesterday! But I think thats really good advice if your actually hungry then just eat!! Theres plenty of superfree and free foods to choose from. Try having a banana with mullerlight on top! Or if your like me and always fancy unhealthy snacks in the evening then save your syns until then and treat yourself to a choccie bar! Good luck :).. x
Well since posting that i have sorted all the washing and ironing that needs to be done and done my daughters pack up for tomorrow. I think it is probably more of a boredom thing to be honest. I might start having a bit more fruit on a night though instead of nibbling on other things.

Minzi xxx
i read a great book which combats the psychology of overeating http://www.amazon.co.uk/Eating-Less-Say-Goodbye-Overeating/dp/0091902479

its principle is that eating is part of addictive behaviour and to combat that you dont tackle your 'diet' as such by crash diets etc. but you tackle your addictive attitude to food. i realised i was a food addict and the only way to overcome those urges of just wanting and needing food is to experience those urges. its worth a look and although i still eat when i want im more aware of why i actually eat and can deal with the times where i eat and eat and never feel full because i wasnt hungry in the first place.

its definately worth a look and has been a great help to me for overcoming that addictive attitude
Thanks Abigail09 i will certainly give that a look, sounds like it could be just what i need :thankyou:


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I know it sounds sad, but if I'm hungry in the evenings I go to bed. I take my laptop, a cup of Options hot choc, a book & whatever might need sorting (overdue bills, letters to write etc etc). I get my PJs on, get settled in bed & do whatever needs doing (re the bills, letters), then either read or play on the laptop. Because I'm upstairs, all ready for bed, I just hate the thought of going downstairs to snack. It's all psychological, but so far if I'm having a hungry evening, it works for me!

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