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  1. bo_lady

    bo_lady Full Member

    Tonight I am really struggling. I really want to eat real food. I am fine until I get home and everyone is eating some delish smelling pringles!!!

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  3. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    I know what you mean, tonight I have cooked a roast lamb dinner for my two, roast potatoes the works. Now they are eating fig rolls and malt loaf :drool:

    I'm so jealous.

    BUT, I know how I would feel in the morning if I was to eat tonight, I know I'll regret it. I know if I don't eat, the next time I step on those scales I'll be dancing inside because I made it through another week and lost weight :)

    You can do it, stay strong, go somewhere else while they are eating, keep busy :)
  4. I will do it this time!

    I will do it this time! Full Member

    I'm doing it the cambrige way!
    HI BL... don't give in.... your mind is just tricking you.... If you give in you will feel ten times worse than you're feeling now....

    I cooked the Friday night treat tonight... Pizza etc for the rest of the family... and had to leave the house whilst they ate as I suddenly got all panicky about how I was really gonna do this long term!
    (funnily the only other time I felt like this was last friday)
    Just remember it's only for a short time in your life, you can and will do it!!!!!
  5. Nessa

    Nessa Silver Member

    Slimming World
    I am having BIG problems tonight as well
  6. bo_lady

    bo_lady Full Member

    I dont really know why, I know I am not hungry but just the thouhgt of being able to eat real food would be great!!!

    I am determined to do this and at least get to AAM week and then I am going to decided whther to move to the 790 plan!! Then atleast I can eat real food even though it isnt the delcious stodge that I want tongiht!!!

    I am not going to give in and I WILL lose weight this week!!!!
  7. Ruthlet

    Ruthlet Wants to be a loser!

    Hey Bo_Lady,

    Most of us on here have been where you are now and they will all tell you if you can just resist then the rewards will be worth it.

    I am on holiday at the moment and SS - we were out for the day yesterday and we went to a restaurant so my OH could have dinner. I was sorely tempted as there were dishes that I could have amended to be like an aam/790 dish but in the end decided it really was not worth it right now - I think half of the temptation was that I was feeling a little embarassed about saying to the waiter that I was not eating but when it came to telling him he didn't bat an eyelid!!

    Stay strong lady
  8. Bagpuss

    Bagpuss Full Member

    Stay strong! If you're craving pringles, could you knock yourself up some CD crisps tonight?

    I just had a huggggge crisp craving and a packet of chicken and mushroom and the micro sorted it out!

    Friday night = CD snacky night :D
  9. bo_lady

    bo_lady Full Member

    I dont know how to make them??
  10. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    You need baking paper (not greaseproof) or a teflon sheet, a bowl, a microwave, a soup sachet (not tomato) some water and a spoon. If you've got all them you can make them
  11. bo_lady

    bo_lady Full Member

    Ok I am fine now!!!

    I have been thru it in my head and I will succeed!!!!

    Thanks everyone
  12. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    Yay well done :D and you'll wake up in the morning slimmer for succeeding today :D
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