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The last 3 weeks I have effectively stayed the same.
Week 1 -1.5
Week 2 +0.5
week 3 +1.0

I just feel like I'm losing my way, and I'm really determined to keep with it and start losing again. Last 2 weeks I've been on annual leave and end of last week and up until now I've been ill with headaches and a stomach upset. All this has thrown me quite a bit and also had several meals out and a hen night during that time & this weekend we're going to a wedding.

I'm also feeling a bit guilty and depressed about all the time I'm missing with my daughter (she's 20 months) while I'm working full time, so I'm struggling to even get myself to the gym. It's a whole separate issue, but after 2 weeks with her I feel really sad about it this week.

Sorry to have to vent on here, but I wondered if anyone had any tips to help me find my motivation and enthusiasm again. I feel rather deflated right now.
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Firstly well done for working full time, having a baby and still managing to lose 37lbs!

I think it might help to sit yourself down and remind yourself of why you started a diet. You might find that refreshing your mind of your goals acts as a motivator.

As for not wanting to go to the gym as you miss out time with your daughter, that's something you will have to balance. Will it be better to go to the gym reguarly and be happier about yourself when you are with your daughter, or spend the time with your daughter instead. Maybe you could get some exercise DVDs and do these in front of the tv. Maybe you could go to the gym on the days you don't work, that way you only miss out an hour or two when you can spend the rest of the day with her.

Whatever you decide, you have to applaud yourself for what you've done so far!
Hello, firstly i'd like to echo what sassia said and well done on losing 37lbs. I too am a full time working mother with a 20month old. I was working part time but then had the other to increase to f/time and after a chat with the OH we decided under circumstances it was the best thing in the long term to go back f/time. I do miss my daughter and feel guilty sometimes for going back f/time as i loved spending my days off with her. I don't feel very organised at the moment, because when i get home from work, i want to spend as much time as i can with her. The eating part of SW i can cope with but I haven't been to the gym or done any form of proper exercise for weeks although I have started going swimming now once a week and hope to increase my exercise as I think it's part of the reason i've STS for the last 2 weeks. I agree with what sassia said about finding a balance, and I just think I need to organise myself a bit better, perhaps do a dvd at home. Perhaps you could do the same?
I think you've done great with your weightloss. I've lost 6lbs in 6 weeks, but got a lot more to lose. Gook luck and just remember how far you have come.
I will stop rambling on now! LOL


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Just draw a line under the last few weeks and start afresh hun.
Please try not to beat yourself up over working full time - we put so much pressure on ourselves to be the perfect mother, be there for our children, go to the gym, keep a nice house, eat healthily etc etc and it's just not possible to do all of those things.
I've always worked full time, went right back after having my daughter - she's never lacked any love or attention from me or the childminders, in fact I told myself it did her good to have the stimulation of other people while I was at work!

All I'm trying to say is don't feel guilty - some of us have to work and it's hard, but worth it.

Hope you feel better soon and start again with a new routine once you are back at work.

Good luck hun. xx


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Maybe you could get some exercise with her, baby swimming lessons, walking her in the pushchair or just chasing her around a park would mean you were still exercising while spending time with her. My little boy is 22 months old and he wears me out, I am lucky he sleeps all night and he usually naps in the afternoon but the hours he is awake are just go go go, hubby swears he's part energizer bunny lol. I kind of admire people who can go back to work, health problems make being a stay at home mum my only option. There are always days when you wish you could have the opposite choice for the want of a better word. Mine usually come in the holidays when I have both of the boys at home and they have spent the last hour or two trying to kill each other lol. Try not too be so hard on yourself mummy guilt is one of the worst things in the world. ((hugs)) and congratulations on what you have already achieved. Good luck with balancing it all. Hugs Crystal xx


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Thank you all for all of your replies:)

I'm back on plan now, writing my food down and feeling much better. I got the biggest loser ultimate workout for xbox kinect yesterday. So now I have that, 30 day shred & zumba to do at home. Planning to do that during the week & gym sat & sunday mornings while little one and husband are still in bed.

I think going back to work has been a cold shower this week, particularly as I've been doing a stressful task this week & I will be next week too.

I do love taking my little girl out in her pram, she loves it too:) I'm not quite confident enough to go swimming yet, but in hoping it won't be long till I do as I think that she will love it.

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