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I'm struggling :( What's going on with my body?

I came back to CD on 7th November 2011 and got off to a great start. Since Christmas I've just messed about losing 1 1/2 lbs. I like to keep an eye on my weight and have a set of scales in the living room - sad I know but it's amazing how everyone who comes in my house will weigh themselves! I weighed myself after the weekend and I'd gained 1/2lb so tried really hard, drank my water and weighed myself the following day and I'd lost. Got weighed this morning and I've gained again!

I know I'm not perfect but I try really hard and as I get weighed again tomorrow I need to have a loss otherwise I'm throwing my money down the drain!
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If you are sticking with CD then you will lose weight...that is a given.

To get the most accurate weight result when on a vlcd is to weigh first thing, same time in the morning, naked and after you have been to the loo.

Your weight will naturally fluctuate up and down all day as you consume your packs and water and as your body flushes it out, so it is a bit pointless weighing during the day.

The gain of half a pound is most lightly water retention from sitting for a long time over the weekend or it can also be the result of not drinking enough water or missing packs.

If you have eaten carbs then what you are seeing is your glycogen stores flooding with water.

When you are on a total food replacement diet you must refeed properly if you want to start back on food...which means reintroducing carbs very gradually back into your diet in a strict orderly fashion, otherwise your body will behave like a sponge and soak up water back into the glycogen stores and this will show up on the scales as weight on.

You have can make a new fresh start and put the past behind you and count today or tomorrow as day one again.

You could also move up a plan if you find the one you are on inflexible for now and when you are ready you can move back down again as that is the beauty of CD it is very flexible.

Talk to your Consultant tomorrow and remember she has seen it all before and between the two of you I am sure you will come to a decision that is best for you just now.


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S: 15st4.0lb G: 10st0lb
Thank you Mini for explaining what I'm sure is happening to me. I'm fine if I just have the packs - it's when I eat that I sometimes fail. I'll speak to my consultant as you suggested tomorrow.
Thanks again x